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- Caleb makes contact with an older relative.

- Abby's tombstone splits in two.

- Uncle Collins keeps hair samples from all the accident victims. He also has a knife.

- Miranda makes contact with her mom.

- Luke joins the play and kisses Tessa.

- Remy and Luke have a falling out.

- Caleb gets keys from his relative to the old courthouse.

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Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

We might need to work out some kind of system, uh just so I can have some kind of warning, put on some underwear.


Dear Hanna, so much has happened since we last spoke. I nearly drowned in a bathtub and a sunken car. I went to Miranda’s funeral. I was attacked by Kujo’s cousin in a junkyard. The light above my couch tried to decapitate me tonight, and oh did I mention? I was scheduled to die in that car too.