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On Ray Donovan this week...

- Ray has one hell of a nightmare.

- Ray receives work Mickey has been picked up out of a lineup for the murder of the priest.

- Mickey goes to Palm Springs wth Daryll and Bunchy to see Daryll's mother

- It's Bel Air Adademy school visit day.

- Bunchy and Daryll act like children while visiting Claudette.

- Terry prepares for his date with Frances, with help from Potato Pie.

- Ray doesn't pay adequate attention at Bel Air Adademy.

- Claudette's husband tolerates Mickey.

- Mickey gave Claudette the money he got on his Boston job. Alan is prepared to pay him back if he leaves.

- Stu apologizes to Abby about his outburst regarding Ashley in the past and blacklisting her kids.

- Lena is doing survellience on a client when their "gear" falls out and Ray has to save the day.

- Claudette has saved Mickey's black cadillac after all these years.

- Conor lays into Stu's bullying son for calling him gay in front of all the prospective Bel Air students.

- Van tells Mickey to get him off of the murder charge in Boston he wants in return Ezra Goldman, Lee Drexler and Ray Donovan.

- Terry and Frances have their date.

- Mickey stops at a gay bar to dance the night way on his way back to LA.

- Ray finds out the case against his father has been shut down.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Great kids come from great f*cks.


Bunchy: What about me pop?
Mickey: Every relationship is different. Your mother was a great cook.