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Van Miller is trying to get Mickey to take down Sean Walker for the murder he went to prison for, as well as Ray and his gang.

Marvin Gaye is having a really hard time with his mom's death, do Re-Con decides to give a new birthday to him.

Ray hunts down Sully to ask him to kill Mickey.

The girl who was killed all those years ago was Ray's girlfriend.

Mickey and Sean make movie deals

Bridget and Marvin Gay record in his living room.

Abby and Deb go shopping. Abby decides to shoplift and they run until Deb pees her pants laughing.

Abby gets arrested for shoplifting.

Abby and Ray are ready to get it on when they hear about Marvin Gaye.

Ray takes Marvin somewhere in the car.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ray: Tell Sully I wanna see him.
Old Man: You're a f*ckin lunatic Ray. I told ya he ain't in Boston.
Ray: I thought ya said he was dead.

Sean: I am one of the most important people on this planet. I can deal with this on my own Ray.
Ray: Don't get any stupid ideas, Sean. You're not a character on one of your movies. Asshole.