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Abby and the kids hide out at a Malibu resort on the season finale of Ray Donovan.

Avi and Ray chase an elderly cohort of Sully's until he has been hit by  car to get information from him.

Abby is a mess.

FBI Frank shows up at Ezra's and Ray tells him he knows he'll give him 12 hours because he didn't do it. Frank they accepts a bribe.

Bunchy continues not to feel bad about Father Danny.

Sully kills a vagrant for his ID and money, but gets his Ralph's card instead.

Abby wakes up and finds Mickey lying next to her in bed.

Tiny wants to jump ship and work for Ray.

Ray wants Tiny to take an offer to Sully.

Abby finally tells Mickey to walk away.

Sully won't accept Ray's deal.

Ray agrees to meet with Mickey.

Ezra asks Deb to marry him.

A news report announcing Sully has been spotted in Santa Monica appears.

Bunchy sees his bike, and doesn't stop the kid who has it, then spots a Missing poster for Father Danny.

Terry lets Frances walk away with the information that Father Danny died and they got rid of the body.

Mickey shows up at the marina with Sully and Tiny.

Sully shoots Avi.

Frank is at the boat, and Sully tells him to give Mickey his gun. 

Mickey shoots Sully between the eyes.

Ray gives Mickey some money to leave town. 

Mickey goes to Terry's and asks if he can sleep on the cot Bunchy was using.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I waited all night for you to come arrest me, Frank. What are you doing here?


I told you. I told you what happened with that man. O'Connor. Remember what you did, Mick? Huh? You called me a liar and you beat the shit out of me. Remember that? You didn't stop him. And he kept after me, and he kept after me. And then he went after Bunch. Our sweet Bunchy. That's when I decided to kill you, Mick. You've been dead to me since that day. You've been dead to me since I was ten years old.