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Abby is not pleased when Ray comes back after staying at his apartment in the city.

Ray finally goes across the street to address the music, and discovers a rapper living there.

Bunchy's money comes in from the Catholic church.

Abby decides to donate all of Ray's laundry instead of cleaning his clothes.

The priest realizes Abby is probably doing it out of frustration.

Bridget meets Marvin Gaye and they become friends.

Mickey goes to a support meeting with Bunchy. 

ReCon is the rapper across the street. He wants to sign with Ray's firm assuming Ray can get him Marvin Gay free of his mother.

Abby goes back to the church for Ray's clothes.

Mickey goes to the library to look at black ass.

Bunchy decides against accepting Rays help in managing his money.

An FBI agent reveals himself to Mickey as getting him out of prison.

Ezra is just a few steps from losing his sanity.

Ezra's mistress Deb cracks during the dedication of the Ruth Goldman Ovarian Cancer Center,

Terry calls his nurse Frances and makes a half cracked attempt to set up a date.

Ray and Avi are scheming to have Mickey put back in prison because of what he did in Boston.

While Ray and Abby have make up sex, Bridget starts texting body parts to Marvin Gaye.

FBI Agent Tom has a criminal wall in his basement, and his prime "get" lines up to Ray Donovan.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mickey: You got no real porn.
Bunchy: I'm a sexual anorexic.
Mickey: Uh huh. Well, we'll take care a dat. A man's got needs.

Ray: Where's your father?
Marvin Gaye: Dead Holmes.
Ray: Lucky you.