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Ray gets compromising information on Cochran as Mickey is being interrogated. 

Linda's body is unearthed by some motocross riders.

Frank threatens Kate.

Mickey acts like an ape while being interrogated.

Abby goes back to the range.

Marvin gives Bridget one of his giant diamond earrings, making her his.

To keep his rarin' red conversation off the record, Ed smashes the camera and gives Mickey a choice.

At the new house, Abby is paid a visit by her new neighbors, trying to erase getting off on the wrong foot. 

Ed comes to Mickey with a photo of Linda's body; it was being nibbled on by dogs. 

Ray arranges to get some kiddie porn onto the Federal Judge's computer. 

Kate is summoned to Ezra's where she meets Ray, Mickey and ED!

Jim the hot gun-range police officer is called to the Truesdale altercation.

Ray delivers Kate to the airport.

Mickey goes back to his new home wanting to know he can see the kids occasionally.

The Donovans eat dinner together.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He made me kill that poor fat fucker. It was like killing a fuckin' dog!


OK. I shouldn't have pushed you down the stairs, but you did break my phone.