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Ray begins to get things ready in case he ends up being arrested and Mickey's heist does not go according to plan. 

Ray begins to get things ready in case he ends up being arrested and Mickey's heist does not go according to plan. 
Ray commands that Lena find a tape Cookie Brown swears is rolling about town that captured the murder of Re-Kon and Marvin Gaye.
Mickey is angry at Shorty when the latter has a mix-up with his oxygen tank. Since he's the safecracker, the heist now has a new angle. Bring the safe to Shorty and he'll crack it on the road.
Cookie Brown is being played up on the news as being against gun violence and broken up over the deaths of Re-Kon and Marvin. Bridget can't stop watching it all go down on the news.
Abby finds a tin with joints in Conor's room. It seems like a good time to talk so Ray gives Abby a house in Malibu so she can have money when things get bad. Gloria already thinks Lena should look for a new job.
Ray tells Abby Jim has to stay away until Ray's in prison.
Conor defends Mickey and Ray tells Conor he needs to grow up.
Cochran is tying up loose ends and tells Frank to leave the building now. He's done. He can have early retirement with full benefits but he has to go. Then Cochran gives a press conference about the dangers of mental illness at which his wife breaks down in tears.
Kate is on Frank's boat. He just so happens to have Katherine Shaughnessey's dog. Kate gets Frank on the record that Mickey Donovan killed Sully Sullivan.
Cochran goes to Ezra to help with the Kate situation because Ray has his hands "tied." Ezra promises to set Ray straight.
Conor shows up at Mickey's to find him wearing a ski mask. Mickey's behavior with Conor is questionable at best.
We found out where the priest is buried. Below the RGOCC. Ray confirms that if anything happens to Kate, he'll bring up the body.
And Jim is following Cookie. Here we go! Cookie doesn't take kindly to the actions.
Boris the pot store security guard is getting married tomorrow. He doesn't want pleasuring. She forces the issue. Mickey and Terry take him down. The safe is massive and difficult to move.
Ray gets the video of the murder and it features Bridget walking down the street calling her daddy on the phone.
Terry gets stuck in the marijuana dispensary. Mickey leaves and heads back to Shorty, who is lighting a cigarette on his gas stove. He blows himself up and hurts Conor.
Ezra pushes the law of the Rodef, first down Ray's throat about Kate and then down Avi's.
Jim calls Abby. He doesn't have good news. He couldn't do it. 
Ray is arrested for assaulting Mickey. Cookie is waiting and very angry. Mickey pulls the grandfather card and tells the cops he'll take care of Conor.
Abby sits on the couch with Bridget, her hand on her gun.
Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

You buried a Catholic priest at a Jewish hospital?


Abby's boyfriend just pulled over Cooke Brown and let him go.