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Ray is released from jail, but Terry refused bail.

There is only about 20 grand in the safe. To make himself feel better, he decides they should go to see Claudette.

Terry refuses to take bail because it's a promise and he doesn't make promises.

Ray needs Terry out to take care of the family since he may be going away. If Terry won't do it, Mickey will.

Jim goes to see Abby and both kids know who he is and want to know if he's the guy she's allowed to fuck in her bed.

Abby gets angry that Jim showed up at her house. He promises he can still protect her, but figuring it out isn't good enough.

Kate tells Mrs. Shaughnessy that her daughter is dead at the hands of Sully.

Avi kills Kate at her home in Boston. Shooting her in the heart wasn't enough. He puts one through her head, too, and walks off with her laptop.

Ray and Re-Kon come to an understanding. Re-Kon knows about Snowflake bu since she lied to the police, he'll leave it alone as long as he gets his million dollars back.

Mickey goes to get the money he's owed for Starsky screwing up his deal and Starsky beats him up with a tennis racket. Mickey doesn't get his money and Claudette doesn't ever want to see him again.

Bunchy tells his group what happened with the kid. He says he should never be around naked kids because what if he hurts him the way he was hurt? The leader of the group reminds Bunchy that being abused doesn't make him an abuser.

Ashley goes to see Ray under the guise of being attacked by her stalker. Steve Knight wants him to believe that it was the stalker but Ray knows better.

Lena tells Ray about Kate. As odd as Steve is, he knows there is something going on with Ray and stops to tell him before he leaves that he feels his pain.

Ray gives to Lena a tape to take to Marty at Stalkerazzi.

Bunchy and the guy who kissed him talk. It seems to make things better.

Ray thought Cochran killed Kate, but Cochran thought Ray did it. The tape Ray delivered to Stalkerazzi was the one featuring the foursome. Cochran's not going to Washingtom.

Jim has created a bedroom for Abby's kids. He wants to protect her. Abby realized she had no right to ask him because it's not who he is. She should have known that.

Ray goes to see Ezra. After Ray learns how Kate was killed, Ray make a call about a body at the RGCC.

Mickey goes to see Ronald at the track and discovers he has a sure thing.

Bunchy goes to tell the woman he dated about his life, but she still rejects him. If he was that worried, there must be a reason.

A horse talks to Mickey at the track. It's Linda. She says she's in a better place and he is the captain. The horse's name is The Captain. Mickey bets it all.

Ray doesn't want to talk to Avi, who says he was paid no money to kill Kate.

Ray leaves the million on Cookie's desk after he kills him. His two goons can sort out whether they split it or one gets the million. As Ray leaves, he hears another gunshot.

Mickey wins big.

Ray gets a call from Ashley begging him to come over.

Mickey goes to Fite Club to give him his cut of the million dollars. Since he wasn't there to take the bet, Mickey thought he would go for less. Terry suggests that since he's going to jail, he'll take more.

Steve Knight is outside waiting for Ray. The go inside and Ashley is standing over the body of her stalker. Steve was hitting her again and Bob tried to stop him. Ray pushed him over the balcony "in self defense."

Ray calls the police for Ashley after Steve is tucked in his trunk. He wants her to tell the truth this time.

Abby is packing when Conor tells her to watch the news. The shooting of Cookie Brown is all over it. She has a look of rapture on her face.

Cochran is leaving the office and his secretary is watching his sexcapade online.

Lena hugs Avi.

The police take Bob's body away, followed by Steve in cuffs.

Jim turns off the light on the kids' bedroom.

Mickey packs his bags and walks out of his room.

Ray arrives home and pours himself a drink. Abby comes down to greet him.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Take it easy. He's movin'.


Ray: You're a good man, Terry.
Terry: What the fuck do you know about bein' a good man, Raymond?