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Ray forces Mickey to return to LA where the FBI puts him on parole but Ray gets him his parole officer. 

Ray and Mickey are driving back to Cali from Mexico, talking about old times.

Back in LA, Ed is holding a press conference about Sully. Avi is in the audience.

Mickey threatens Ray. He knows where he buried the body of that priest.

Ed wants to put Mickey on parole for 5 years. If he doesn't go, then he'll go to prison for the rest of his life for whatever the hell Ed wants.

Ray suggests that it would be better for everyone if Ed let Mickey go back to Mexico. If Mickey screws up, Ray's going with him to Leavenworth.

Abby tells Ray how she feels about the sex they've been having.

A reporter, Kate, knows Sully wasn't in California as long as the FBI said because she's writing a book on him. She goes to visit his mother and learns of the connection to Mickey.

Mickey can't condone Conor pushing a kid down the stairs from behind.

Ray is looking at real estate.

The parole officer wants Mickey to pee in a cup for her and he comes clean -- he had a drop with his boys that morning because he didn't know he was on restriction. She gives him a pass.

At yoga, Abby thinks her instructor looks at her like he sees her. She grabs him for a passionate kiss and runs out of the room.

Frances thinks Ray is following her. She says she knows what she saw, but he doesn't have to worry about her as long as her family is safe. She wants Terry to leave her alone.

Ray has to tell Terry Frances chose her family.

As part of his parole, Mickey needs to get a job.

Abby bought some sexy lingerie.

Ray tracks down a parole officer with a gambling problem and gives him some cash.

Mickey teaches Conor a lesson when he almost pushes him down the stairs. A good man feels bad when he does something wrong, but he keeps it inside.

The parole officer starts getting a little cocky and asks for Ray's watch.

Abby is angry Ray didn't tell her about Mickey.

Kate decides to head to Los Angeles.

Ray meets with June, who made a $5 million pledge to Ezra's hospital. Ray tears up her check.

Ed is in a cover band. He sings Night Moves.

Mickey gets a new apartment, a job and is told to stay away from Fite Club by the parole officer Ray paid off.

Ray and Abby are looking at a new house. He'll make it happen and they'll be happy there. She shows him her lingerie and goes down on him.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Mickey: It wasn't always bad, Ray.
Ray: Wasn't that the summer you started fuckin' Claudette?
Mickey: That's why you was born, Ray, to be my fuckin' judge. That's always been your job.

Ed: I really couldn't give a shit about you potato-eatin', river-dancin' mother fuckers.
Mickey: Aoh.

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