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Ray goes to see Bridget after she's already sleeping. He sees his dead sister standing behind her bed. It's the first time he's ever seen her ghost, to my knowledge. 

He doesn't see Abby before he leaves.

Even while watching Three's Company at home, Ray continues to see Bridget's ghost haunting him.

Lena has her last day.

Ray gets a call from his guard at the prison about Terry, learning Terry killed an Aryan. Before he can go to the prison, Finney's men are outside his office. Mr. Finney this, Mr. Finney that. Ray reiterates he's not for sale.

Mick and Daryll chat about the hookers and Armenian money before Mickey gets a call from Terry.

Bridget is getting a D in calculus.

Ray and Mickey are both at the prison. Mickey had to survive on the inside. Ray puts people inside, but Mick survived. The guard says there's practically nothing he can do outside this one favor. Killing an Aryan is the worst of the worst.

Ray and Mickey both decide to go to Judge Wettick at the same time. Ray's visit with the judge doesn't go well. His attempt to pay him off ends with a gun pointed in his face.

Ray goes to Agent Frank Barnes, who has risen in the FBI thanks to riding on the coattails of the Sully Sullivan case. He goes blank when he sees Ray standing in the background. 

Ray threatens Frank. Either help his brother right now or he'll release the information he has on Frank.

Ginger storms into the condo looking for Daryll, but she finds Bunchy instead. She needs breast milk. He goes to the grocery store looking for formula that tastes like the real thing. A light bulb goes off over his head when he sees a nursing woman. Abby brings Audrey home to the woman pumping in the living area. She tells Bunch he should be ashamed of himself.

The doctor who was sewing up Terry is attacked outside of his cell. Terry is taken back to Gen Pop.

Mickey got the address of Wennick from his parole officer. Mick has an argument with Wennick and the old man grabs for his pills and dies of a heart attack after Mick slaps them out of his hand. By the time Ray and Frank arrive, it's too late. Ray tries CPR, but nothing.

Mickey wants to trade his life for Terry's, but Ray just drives off.

Conor lets the dog out without a leash, and it runs off. Abby runs after him.

Ray is drinking in a parking lot, his sister Bridget in the back seat behind him. He keeps seeing the gubernatorial candidate Tom Verona on TV and in ads, and takes off.

As Terry is released back to Gen Pop with a man who appears to be out of his mind, Ray is in the waiting room of Finney's house. Ray is anxious and uptight. Finney wants him to take a breath. He seems concerned. Ray starts to cry. 

Abby arrives back at the house, shaking the bowl of food, still calling for the dog. She breaks does and cries. 

Ray and Finney arrive at Verona's room. Finney asks him to address the situation with his assurances Terry will not mess up again. This is taking far longer than I thought it would, Finney says, in a way only someone who sat on a couch two seconds ago could.

When Ray gets back to the house with Finney, he signs the deal with Finney as an employee. He'll be working full time for Finney from now on.

Abby gives Bridget some cash and tells her she's in charge. She has to go away for a couple of days. 

As Ginger brings the girls in, and they put their daily cash into a bowl revealing it was a very good day, Ray calls in. Terry is coming home.

Ray picks up Terry from prison. Terry immediately calls Ray on carrying the family. He told him to leave him in there. Terry wonders how much he's worth on the street. Ray says it didn't cost him a fuckin' thing to get him out. It only cost him his life.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Looking up, pop? I mean, we spent all that money that you got from the Armenians on coke just so six hookers could get high all day.


Bunchy: I'm serious, Ray. It could make a lot of money for the Fite Club.
Ray: It's a front, Bunch. It's not supposed to make money.