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Ray's dream sequence of the family all enjoying his grill, him and Ray wearing the same shirts was great. Of course it was a dream, though.

Proving they know nothing about what they're up against, Daryll tells Mickey Wikipedia says the Armenians are vicious. Mickey laughs it off given what he's seen.

Ray's at home where he's making lunch for the kids and feeding DOG! He's being the parent he hasn't been for quite some time.

Teresa notices Bunchy watching her and she tosses stuff around and tries to get sexy with him. When she pulls out her boobs, the look on his face is priceless. While he's touching himself, Terry walks in. 

Finney and Ray are chatting about Paige's dream to build a stadium. Finney has every intention of helping his daughter with her dream. Ray will assist. 

Abby visits her father. He has a bad heart. Abby shows up unexpected and they expect Ray kicked her out. Abby wants to buy the family's bar. 

I forgot when people used to call pasta macaroni. Abby suggests she buy the bar in her sister's and Dave's name.

Mickey and Darryl are at "Kwip" with the hookers. It's like a middle school dance. Nobody is doing a damn thing. The guys are still at their computers. 

Something happens with a cell phone in conjunction with Paige's deal. Ray enlists Lena's help.

Daryll doesn't shut down the party, even when the hooker's tell him to err on the side of caution.

Teresa interrupts Bunch when he's talking to Father Romero about the church. She wants to know why they gave him money. He tells her, and she accepts it.

Ray learns that Bridget's grades are suffering. She assures Ray her D is just a mid-term grade, and her counselor says they trigger that alarm so students can get it together before things get so bad that it affects their chances for Harvard and Yale.

Bridget calls Abby freaked out and crying. She feels like a failure. Abby is going to go home. Margaret then freaks out, as well. She doesn't want Abby getting their hopes up if she has to get Ray's permission.

Lena set a bug in the office where the cell phone was. Ray gets information on Verona and the team.

Mickey arrives at Kwip angry with Daryll, Conor in tow. Conor finds a hooker in seconds flat and aways up to a loft room. He's about to get laid.

Mr. Donnellen and Bridget chat about what she could write on her essay and she learns what really happened to his wife.

Ray gets the cell phone and discovers a sexy message from Paige on it. She pretends it was a whirlwind romance with Tom Verona, the governor. Ray knows it was more than that. She was using him. She tries to buy Ray out of his deal with her father. He stays.

Nestor Carbonell guest stars as the professor with the cell phone.

Teresa's brother worries about her over Bunchy and Terry does the same with Bunchy. 

Mickey goes to the Armenians again for another $10k and she wants 50% going forward. He turns it down. Conor is threatened. 

Ray doesn't deliver the phone to Finney. Finney is not impressed. He wants to know if he gave the phone to Paige. Ray assures Finney he did not. Verona is having an election party on Friday night. Ray is invited and needs to bring Abby.

Bunchy is practically despondent when he learns Teresa and her family are leaving Fite Club. She says he's fuckin' with him.

Ray and Paige come to a deal wherein he gets a percentage of her NFL team.

Bunch watches the Mexicans leave and lays into Terry, gently.

Mickey is there with Conor when Ray gets home. He's giving Ray parenting advice. 

Bunchy prays with Father Romero.

Abby arrives home and both Ray and Dog are there.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

The bar's called Kelly's Place. You're a fuckin' Donovan.

Abby's Dad

Abby: Hey dad.
Dad: You look like you're mother.
Abby: Yeah, I know.
Dad: It's hard on the eyes.