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Illegal immigration is playing out in the gubernatorial debate. 

Mickey discovers what happens to people who pay late to the Armenians. His sense of humor doesn't fly with their sensibilities.

Abby is excited to share her news from Boston, but he's not as excited to hear it. She wants him to just say it, that he's never going to forgive her, so she can get on with her life. She's ready to get divorced.

Bunchy is talking with group about Teresa. They aren't very supportive. Father Romero is. He wants to drive him to Bakersfield so Bunch can see how Teresa feels.

Ginger is getting kicked out under threats that the landlord will call CPS on her. Mick urges her to stay.

Avi is upset Ray took Lena back. Ray's having Lee look over his contract with Paige. Lee says Ezra would be proud of him. Mr. Football. I guess it's a great deal.

Finney wants Ray to get to San Diego to try to meet with someone about the counter deal to Paige's football deal. Ray immediately calls Lena to intercept the fellow before they get to San Diego. 

Terry thinks someone went into his office when he sees a part of a free weight atop of it. But is it his office?

Lena gets the guy and sedates him. Ray is driving the limo.

Father Romero tells his "story" to Bunchy. He claims to have blinded his guy by stabbing him in each eye. Bunchy just says it's between them only and doesn't immediately reciprocate.

The deal almost stalls due to a break clause, but Paige assures Finney if he lets it go through, it will be the last thing she ever asks him for. He lets it proceed. Paige and Ray can't keep the sly smiles off of their faces.

Bunchy visits Teresa. She isn't overly pleased to see him. He asks her to marry him. After a week. He's serious, but she tells him to get the fuck out. He's going to wait for her at the Denny's down the street. 

Ray and Paige celebrate. 

Potato Pie brings Terry a gun and nine bullets. Terry wants to close the club. 

In the envelope at closing was a love letter from Finney to Varick. A breakup letter. The deal was Paige would hand over the letter if she could have the team. What a family.

Noooooo. Bunchy finally tells Romero what he did to his abuser. 

Bunchy is totally off his rocker, waiting to shoot whoever might walk into the Fite Club.

Teresa shows up. She has a few conditions. He won't lie to her, cheat on her or hit her. He'll also go by Brendan. And no cheap wedding chapel.

Abby asks Ray about buying the bar. He doesn't see why not.

Everyone meets Abby. She's surprised to learn Ray saved Casey Finney. Paige walks up, all smiles with her braces. 

Ray gets a call from crazy Terry. He's sure the Aryans have found him. 

Abby runs into Paige in the restroom. Paige tells her she's lucky, Ray's devoted to her.

Ray ensures everything is alright with Terry and leaves him in Mickey's hands and goes back to the party. Mickey wants Terry to hire Ginger to run the books.

Verona loses the election. Finney reads the contract, learning about Ray's 3%. That should also mess with the football plans, as there is a bird problem on the land where the field might be built.





Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Paige: Money is a kind of poetry. You know the poet Wallace Stevens?
Ray: Missed that one.
Paige: He was two things. Vice President of the Hartford Insurance Company and one of the 20th Century's greatest poets. That's my favorite line of his, money is a kind of poetry.
Ray: It doesn't rhyme.

Ray: I don't want a new boss.
Abby: You don't?
Ray: Look, Abs, ahhh...I've been trying to make a few changes. Make a better life for us.
Abby: What do you mean?
Ray: I sold my business.
Abby: What? Why? Who did you sell it to?
Ray: I'll tell you about it later. Listen, I want you to go to Barney's today and I want you to buy the best dress you can find. You're going to meet the governer tonight.
Abby: How do you know the fuckin' governor?
Ray: Don't worry about it. I told you, I'm making some fuckin' changes.