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The Lady Cop tries to get Mickey to flip on Minassian. He does his best to get out of it. At the wedding dinner, he's not his normal self.

While everyone is enjoying themselves at the dinner, Lena goes though the pockets of Teresa's family. 

Abby and Ray start to make love afterward, but there is a ruckus downstairs. It's Terry. He had a nightmare and pissed himself fighting. Abby hugs him and assures him he's alright. I, of course, cry. Damn.

The NFL deal is getting caught up on a minority stakeholder: Varick Strauss. Nobody can find him. Guess who is looking into him? Ed Cochran. He's working for Dybek, an investigative services firm.

Harriet isn't pleased to be handing over money to Mr. Short Bus, wishing she had just embezzled it from Ray instead.

Abby and Terry have an amazing time at the liquor store.

Lady Cop is going all kinds of crazy when she can't find Mickey, but she isn't shutting down the operation.

Ed Cochran looks at his sandwich at work. There is a sticky on it "Affirmations." He thanks his boss, Iris, for the opportunity. She asks if he wants to go to lunch with him. No. He has to do his affirmations in the mirror. He is a worthwhile human being with a healthy appetite for sex. He is beautiful. He is a flawed man.

Ray goes to pickup Bunch for the wedding. Bunch thought he'd be nervous, but he can't believe he'll get to see her for the rest of his life. While Ray is talking to Bunch about his new family, SWAT comes in with Lady Cop. She wants Mickey. If they can't get Mickey, they'll take Bunch.

Mickey, meanwhile, is somewhere twirling his pistol barrel like he's a villain in a movie.

Lady Cop has Bunch on 17 counts of pimping and racketeering. Ray wants to trade Mick for Bunch. Ray can't believe Bunch was doing it. Bunch and Ray argue over the money and Bunch blames his predicament on Ray. 

Mickey, meanwhile, is visiting with Ginger who is giving him money to skip town. The man is a clueless loser.

Daryll, meanwhile, is dating a hooker and was into the biz far deeper than Bunchy, but he's out asking a hooker to quit so they can be together. What gives? 

Ray finds Ginger and Audrey at Mick's and wants to know what they know about Mickey. 

Inexplicably, Bridget is bowling with Mr. Donellen. She rubs his leg and he says no. She says why pretend there's nothing there. Because there isn't. So we're just drug buddies and he can take Oxy and go bowling? Yes. She runs off.

At the church, Ray tells Teresa Bunch will be missing the photos. Ray accosts Daryll to find out who Mick is ratting on. And we discover why the show is called The Octopus. An inn across the street is called The Octopus Inn. It's the same doodle pad Audrey was using at Mick's house. Ray sets out to find his father.

It takes about two seconds.

Mickey thought he would see his son's wedding. Ray assures him he won't, thanks to Mick. What an ignorant man. 

Mickey ultimately gives in. I, of course, cry again.

Bridget and Donellen kiss. Disgusting.

Ray gets Bunch out of jail. 

Conor knows Bridget is high the moment he sees her.

Mickey is suited up with a camera. Looks to be in his crotch.

Bunchy becomes a true Donovan on the day of his wedding. He lies to Teresa before walking her down the aisle. I'm saddened.

Mickey heads on over to Mrs. Minassian with a bag of money. Half is payment of earnings. The other half is for girls he's heard are for sale. He's given a stack of polaroids, prices at the bottom. 

Mickey misses wedding, but Lady Cop gets what she wanted.

Ray and Terry take communion despite their excommunication. Technically, Bunch was excommunicated, too, but he was probably never told.

Proving that he didn't grow up with his brothers, Daryll calls the wedding reception the "after party." While the best man, Ray, is giving a speech about his brother and always caring for him, knowing it's right that Teresa take over the job, Mickey walks in.

Ray asks Mick how it went. Mick thinks he's fucked. In three days he has to buy sex slaves off a cargo ship in San Pedro. He wants Ray's help. Please.

Seal plays in the background and Abby decides to dance with Terry. Bunch asks Mick not to ruin his night.

Bunch and Teresa ride off to their honeymoon.

Ray doesn't tell Mick, but he calls Lena to look into the Minassians.

While he's looking through the NFL stuff, Ed Cochran discovers Ray is another minority shareholder of the potential team.


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You are a worthwhile human being. You have a healthy appetite for sex. You are beautiful. You are a flawed man.


Old Lady: Isn't that just sad? I hope he's not driving.
Abby: He's got Parkinson's, you fucking cunt.
Terry: It's good to have a Southie bitch on your side.
Abby: It's good to have the opportunity to be one.
Terry: That's the way, uh huh uh huh I like it, uh huh uh huh.