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Ray is meeting with the group Bunchy holds at Fite Club. How did he get here? Same way as all of them, but it took a little longer to figure things out. He needed to ask for forgiveness, get shot.

Romero didn't just take him back to the city after he was shot. He woke up with his wound bandaged, a blind priest reading over him and Romero greeting a man getting out of a black helicopter in a parking lot.

Ray remembers being operated on in a veteranarian's surgery. The helicopter man? Hector Campos. He'll take care of Ray. Terry is doing well. Romero spoke to Abby. Mickey was found with a dead prostitute in his apartment and the police were questioning eight dead Armenians. He needs to recover.

Ray looks to his left in group. Hector Campos is there. It was at Hector's house with his family he recuperated.

Hector was abused, too. I think. Ray has some memories of himself and a priest watching baseball together, holding hands. In the tv, he sees Both of his Bridgets. He wakes up and sees Dog beside him.

At group, he hasn't had a drink in six months. he goes to church, confession. Doing the work, getting second chances.

Ray thanks Hector for coming, but says it was unnecessary. Paparazzi.

Someone is waiting for Ray outside. A woman wants to see Ray. It's in the police station where Ray gets his first look at Mr. Waller.

Det. Muncie has a photo of a dead woman. She's threatening Ray with fucking up his sting. But Ray knows nothing. And he hopes Mickey is never coming back.

Mickey, meanwhile, appears to be in a small Mexican town. Primm. There is a rollercoaster and he's dressed ridiculously. Nope. He's not in Mexico, but in a small town one hour outside of La Vegas. Apparently Mick has a thing where he tells a kid to get the expensive rides and disable them.

Mick gets the guy in the bar and spikes his drink.

Ray touches base with Abbie. She's at the hospital, waiting to get an MRI.

Ray is following a gal with a bag in Venice. He finds Bridget. He asks her to come home. He explains why things are different, tells her he misses her. At least come for dinner. She promises only dinner.

Jacob Waller is at Ray's office. He represents Sonia Garitski from a gallery and has $10k to retain his services.

Abby calls Ray hoping to talk about her breast cancer, but he has news about Bridget and can't talk. Terry is outside the church, where he is apparently trying to become a priest. He's not even allowed to be a volunteer. He's being denied and thinks it's because of his Parkinsons.

It's at the gallery Ray sees Girl with Guitar. Sonia apparently illegally smuggled in some paintings and now wants Ray to bribe a cop to get them to back off. He returns the check.

Mickey has gotten the guy with the car wasted and called over a prostitute. The owner sends over a couple thugs talk to him about doing the same thing to another guy who is now threatening the casino with a lawsuit. Just then, the dude from the bar stood up and passed out.

Mickey is called to the manager's office again and fired. He goes to smoke some peyote.

At the office, Lena is complaining about Avi when Hector calls. He fucked up real bad. When Ray gets to the hotel, Denise Huxtable is leaving. Hector is holding a gun and pacing. He has a policeman tied up in his bathroom. He fuckin' slipped, he tells Ray. She was just a fucking woman. They got too loud and then the cop came. Ray doesn't believe him when he says he just slipped.

Hector gets down on his knees in front of Ray. He needs help. His wife and daughter can't find out. Ray walks outside.

Lena calls back. The copy only had one suspension for DUI two years ago. Ray sees a liquor store across the street. He comes into the room and tells Hector to go home. He asks for the gun.

Ray takes the gag off of Vincent. Vincent tells him to fuck off. Him and Campos are both going to prison. Ray pours two drinks. Vincent says he doesn't drink. Ray says he doesn't either.

They're off.

Bridget arrives at the house for dinner.

Ray and Vincent are on their second bottle of whisky. There is no way they aren't ready to vomit by now.

Mickey is vomiting after smoking the peyote. He thinks he sees his Bridget. He follows her into Buffalo Bills.

The thugs come, Mickey throws the first punch, runs out of the casino and right on down the road out of Primm.

Ray takes the cop car and wrecks it. He tells Vincent he'll get $50k cash when he gets out of rehab in six weeks. I don't think the plan was all that sound.

He's a policeman. Wrong belt wounds and all that. Nope. Doesn't work for me.

Ray goes to Hector's house. The girl was Marisol. Ray wants to know where he can find her. He should know where he can find her. Hector says, "She's my sister. Marisol. She's my half sister." When the priest was sent away, people started saying all kinds of things about him, and to prove himself, Hector turned to women. The first was his sister. I think.

Ray gets home to find the family finishing up dinner and Bridget happy Ray got her a painting.

Ray starts to cry.


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I guess if you love people, you're supposed to let them in.


Abby: They want to cut my tits off.
Stranger: Excuse me?
Abby: I have breast cancer. They just told me. Stage 0. Have you ever heard of that? I mean Stage 0. Isn't everybody Stage 0?