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Dimitri sends Sonia a picture of Belikov's body, before calling her to say that he's on his way over there. Sonia immediately gets ready for a war and tries to cover her bases to make an escape. 

She shows up on Ray's doorstep with her daughter and makes it clear she knows about Abby's cancer. Ray appears and Avi tries to tell him the only way out is to murder Sonia, but Ray is having none of it. 

Lena steps in and says she can pose as Sonia and lead the goon somewhere quiet to kill him. She succeeds and Ray takes Sonia and her daughter to a private jet and helps them escape. 

As they fly off, Ray gets a phone call from Dimitri with him threatening Avi's life if he doesn't bring Sonia to help. 

Bunchy, Teresa and Mickey arrived in Primm to get the money and Mickey's girl, but things took a dangerous turn for them when Mickey's girlfriend is brutally murdered. 

Teresa saves Mickey by hitting the goon on the head with the guitar. 

The three then make their escape with the money. 

Mickey and Teresa have a connection and it helps Teresa feel a little better. 

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Lena: What am I looking for?
Ray: A fucking murder. Just do it, Lena.

Ray: I'm not a soldier.
Avi: Don't kid yourself, Ray. You're a soldier.