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Muncie found a truck full of women for sale. The man from the hot dog stand was looking on.

Mickey is watching the story of Hector Campos from a store window and checking his postal box.

In bed, Abby is reminiscing about the day Bridget was born. Ray put on Summer Breeze in the car. Bridge is turning 18.

Abby is really excited to go outside to see Abby, who has just pulled up in a car. The little skank is having sex with her teacher, Donellen, in the front seat of the car.

Mickey is taking a box to Ed's trailer. He stops along the way to talk to Jerry the Indian, who insists his name is Movoka. At Ed's, Mickey says he has the key to being $4 million richer.

Bridget doesn't like being told anything by her mother, so she sasses her and makes fun of her accent, using the phrase horse cock, among others.

Ray goes downstairs to look for Bridget, but she's already walked out. Hot Dog has driven by and he's in the house with an automatic weapon. Hot Dog and Ray start wrestling. Abby walks downstairs and shoots Hot Dog.

Ray calls Avi. Abby is practically catatonic.

Mickey and Ed are wearing night vision goggles. The plan? To go in during the party and cut the power, grabbing the horseshow. Nobody is any the wiser.

Conor is an oblivious kid.

Mickey and Ed decide to team up with pinky toe.

Abby is crying on the floor. Wondering what it means that the guy she shot is with the Russian mob. She wants to know what happened when Ray got shot. Ray talks about the Armenians and the Russian Mickey snitched on.

Ray goes to Donellen's house. The jackass talks about loving her. Bridget wonders why Dog is in the car. She figures out they're probably moving on. Bridget goes with her family.

Bridget is drinking, smoking and panicking. Bridget wants to know what's really going on.

Muncie is dead in her kitchen. I'm not sure why Ray went to her place.

Abby tells Bridget what happened while Ray goes to prison to try to make a deal with Belikov. Belikov pisses on the prison window. I guess that means no deal.

Daryl went back to the club to sit with Terry and wait for the Russians to come. Daryl wants to know if he looks at him like a brother.

The only person who shows up is the guy Terry asked to come up from last week.

Lena finds a guy named Jacob Waller who has visited Belikov half a dozen times. Uh oh.

Conor wants to hold Avi's gun.

Ray goes to see Waller. He wants to know if the art dealer is working for Belikov. It's not a pleasant scene.

Ray's next stop is to see what's her name. He wants to get Belikov out and will cover her losses since it will take him a week.

Mickey is hanging with the lounge singer. Mickey gets to the night of the party on the very night they plan on breaking open the horseshoe. It also looks too big for two guys to carry.

Pinky Toe turns the lights on too soon, Ed takes his goggles off too fast and it works out for him...he stiffs Mickey.

Teresa and Bunchy are arguing in the hotel room. She pulls out the world's biggest dildo, suggesting maybe she should fuck him with it. That finally gives him a stiffy. They're a mess.

Abby is at the grocery store waiting for a cake for Bridget. They bought over Bridge not having kids.

Abby decided she's not having the mastectomy, but at least she told Ray.

They take the cake back to the hotel. Sing happy birthday. Bunch and Teresa go to the hospital to have a baby. Mickey gets a photo of his grandbaby about 30 seconds after they got into the elevator.


Ray Donovan
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