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Marisol is smoking crack or something. She's also the topic of radio fodder while Mickey is being taken back to LA by Muncie.

Hector Campos is appealing to Ray to help him. Marisol is going to out Hector for something, and he thinks it's their relationship. She took advantage of him when she was 25 and he was 13. He just didn't want to be gay. Instead he was abused twice.

Ray decides to help him, which means Marison beats the crap out of both him and Lena before Lena tases her.

Muncie, who is always eating, gives Mickey a sandwich. He begins to flirt with her.

Ray takes Marisol to Hector. Marisol wants

Bunchy and Teresa aren't fucking and Teresa is sick of it. In her dainty way, she's beating him up verbally, telling him to get over his shit because she needs it now.

Marisol is doing something similar to Ray in the car. Butt fucked as a boy mind fucked as a man. She's a real joy.

Abby is robbed in the street and Terry tries to fight the guy so when her purse is yanked free, another dude runs by and grabs it again.

Ray wants to give Muncie the weapons so she'll let Mickey go.

Romero catches up with Ray. Soooo, you abducted Hector's sister? Umm...you need to come to confession, dude. Ray calls Hector. Maybe we should, you know, let her out. Hector says, oh, great, that'd be great. Then she'll go on TV and I'll die from this shit. Just help me through this, man. I'd do the same for you.

At Fite Club, some dude is rubbing Teresa's baby belly. Daryl tells Bunch some dudes are all up in that shit. Bunch is surprised, but doesn't seem to care.

Avi is making coffee and gets a kidnapping call from Ray. He has the latest victim in Avi's mother's basement. Ray is busy making this dude look like he's the killer from the Minassian garbage. Putting his prints on the gun. It doesn't seem like it would be that easy.

Abby is looking for spa getaways. She wants to go to a place they went before. She calls Ray. He says when work calms down. When's that, she asks? When they're 60? Bunch talks to Abby about Teresa's urges, and Abby suggests a toy. They go to their local dildo store.

Ray gets Mick but someone at the local hot dog stand seems to take notice.

Brendan gets back to Fite Club to find out the guy Teresa's been with all day is her cousin. The dildo drops out of the bag. That leads to a "sweet" moment between the two.

Speaking of never learning, Mickey is trying to get Ray to join him in robbing Buffalo Bills for the $4 million dancing around the green horseshoe.

Terry trolls the street looking for Abby's purse. He finds it and grabs the girl who has it. Abby wants her stuff back.

Ray wants Marisol to read her statement. She looks like death.

Terry asks the kid who returns the purse contents to think about his life, go watch the fight from the skybox and come back to Fite Club if he thinks it's a good idea.

Marisol reads the statement on TV.

She asks for her purse back and the first thing she does is light up. She starts talking about Hector and jumps out of a moving car.

Hector is pummeled while Romero tries to tell Ray he's doing all the wrong things. I have to agree.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Marisol: So now you want me gone?
Hector: Yes.
Marisol: Because you sure didn't want me gone when I had your dick in my mouth.

Why don't you go suck each other off in the corner somewhere?