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Frank tries to cut Ray a deal with Sonia, but Ray takes Sonia back to Dimitri and is forced to leave her there. 

A new person named Anya took over Sonia's job and the art gallery. 

When Ray returns home, Abby is ecstatic and lets him know that her cancer is disappearing. Ray makes it clear to her that there are tough times ahead and they need to keep a low profile. 

Terry scolds Ray for trying to get Hector to throw the fight. 

Abby gives Mickey a work of art that she wants rid of and he tries to flog it for $60,000, but he is shocked to find that there are drugs inside it. 

This means the Russians are using the art to smuggle drugs across the world. Ray uses this to his advantage and Avi murders Dimitri and his goon. 

Mickey and Bunchy kill the men at the house, while Ray and Lena lead Frank to the gallery, with all the drugs out of the paintings. 

This will give Frank his best big case yet and he seems happy to have worked with Ray. 

Ray returns to his family at the fight club to celebrate the big win. 

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Frank: Set up a meeting. Unless you want to go to prison.
Ray: Fuck you.

My life is based on lies. Lies that you make me tell.