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Ray meets Mickey out of prison and immediately informs Ray that he wants to pay his debt to him, but Ray gives him the watch. 

Mickey returns to the gym to find Bunchy upset about the about Teresa staying out of her daughter's life. He lets Mickey know her family put her in a hospital. 

He goes to see her, before going to her brother's house and getting her clothes. He then goes to the hospital and sneaks her out. He and Mickey take her on a trip to Nevada to meet Mickey's woman. 

Ray learns of Conor having the gun and takes him to the mean streets to show him just how dangerous things can be. He drives away to leave him, but returns to get him. 

Conor then goes to a gun range with Abby, who bonds with him. She informs him that she's battling cancer, but she's going to be okay. 

Marisol comes clean about her past with Hector on live TV, putting his career in jeopardy. 

Ray made a plan to save the career when Terry revealed that he needed Hector to still fight. The plan involved Daryll and they managed to save Hector's career.

Ray Donovan
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