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Ray was shocked to learn that Darryl and Mickey were responsible for Frank's death, and he went to the FBI to tell them he would hand over Mickey if Bridget was let off the hook. 

Ray managed to hand over Mickey and Bridget was let out of jail. Ray tried to make things right with Bridget, but she said she would not speak to him again for sleeping with Natalie. 

In the end, Mickey was arrested and Mickey declared war on his son for getting him put in jail. 

Teresa returned home and told Bunchy that she cheated on him while she was on tour, and Bunchy stormed out of the house because he had tried his best with her. 

Terry went to New York and found that Damon's dad was trying to take his place. Terry said he would quit if the father was going to be part of the deal, and Damon had to play along to make sure he continued to thrive. 

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Maureen: Ray... Ray!
Ray: What?
Maureen: Bridget's in jail.

Ray: Frank Barnes. He's dead.
Detective: Give me the body. Tell me who did it.