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Ray and Abby went on a trip, but the car broke down. The ended up going to an ice rink, and Abby flipped out raising Ray’s kids, looking after his family and she was dying in her forties.

She noted that Ray would live until he was 100, before saying that she was going to stop her treatment. Ray was upset and said it was helping, but she said she was not getting any better.

Ray parked his car outside the fire station to get it taken to the pound with Lena inside and she broke into the other car to steal the files back.

Ray went to visit Sam to tell her that he needed a higher fee if he was going to be on retainer with her, and she told him about her daughter biting her when she was young.

She agreed to keep Ray on retainer and said she would pay whatever price he felt was necessary, and this made Ray happy.

Bunchy was mad at Mickey because he was the reason for him being put in jail. Mickey then put Maria in day care and set off to get revenge.

Bridget showed up and met with Terry and they chatted about their personal lives. She took Terry to meet Smitty in the hospital and they all got high.

Mickey followed Avi to the train station.

In a flashback, Abby tells the kids about stopping her treatment and Conor flipped out because she was not going to try and save herself.

When Ray tried to talk sense into Conor, he punched his father before bursting into tears.

Back at the hospital, they run into someone who was on the medical trial at the same time and she was in remission, so Smitty was upset because he was taken out of the trial.

Terry and Bridget were upset because Abby stopped treatment and could potentially be alive.

Natalie James was tracked to Ray’s apartment and she told Landry that she was having the kid. She asked Ray to wait with her until she got a rest.

Lena found Tom’s body and Ray told Sam about it. But Ray said they need to do something about Landry.

When Ray was leaving, he noticed the oscar was back, and Sam snarled at him.


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Abby: You can't keep doing this babe, every time we get bad news.
Ray: Doing what?
Abby: You know what. Where we going this time?

Ray: You look like Marilyn Monroe?
Abby: Oh, yeah?
Ray: Hmm.
Abby: [Removes head scarf]: How about now?