At the beginning of the episode, Ben returns home with some groceries and some Lottery scratch-off games.  Sam ends up winning a grand and after he cashes it in, the Devil steals the money to bail out his other son, Morgan (Arnie Hammer), which makes him Sam's half-brother.  The Devil then tells Sam about the latest soul.. a man who is going around town swallowing all of his old material posessions so no one else can get them.  The Devil then tells him he has to take Morgan under his wing and teach him on this mission.  The Devil then sends the guys to steal a portrait that Fitzgerald is going for before he gets it and kills innocents in his way.  Sam, Ben and Sock meet up with Morgan there and Morgan ends up throwing a rock through the window and leaving the guys to take care of things while he parties.  They end up with portrait at home and soon Fitzgerald breaks into their house and takes it back.

Thanks to Andi, Sam figures out where the old man, Fitzgerald, is storing his posessions, and goes to meet him there and Morgan is there waiting for him.  The Devil even tells Morgan where to go!  Talk about favorites.  The guys then go visit his wife and find out the final posession is a boat.  They catch up with Fitzgerald about to attack Morgan outside by the pool and Sam ends up saving Morgan while he acts like a coward.  Sam ends up pushing the soul into the vessel (a golden dagger thingy) and when he dies all his gold drops to the ground.  The Devil ends up giving the gold to Morgan to enjoy in the Caymans while he tells Sam he wouldn't want it... it's blood money.  He then says that maybe Sam will be the one to take over the family business.

Meanwhile, Ben has been having problems with Nina in the bedroom... he's been unable to please her as he finds out from a girlie magazine quiz.  Nina says sex isn't important to her, but when they run into an ex of hers, it clearly is not the case!  Ben feels inadequate and goes to Gladys for demon loving making tips.  She offers to give him a hands-on tutorial if he comes to her house with garbage bags... eww.  Ben then tries to sleep with Nina in her demon form and she refuses and flies away.  Nina eventually confesses to Ben that she used to be an Angel and fell in love with a human on Earth and God banished her and kill the man.  She's too nervous about losing Ben.

Meanwhile, Ted is still hanging around the Work Bench helping people carrying stuff to their cars.  Sock decides to pick up extra shift and sub-contract out the work to the pathetic Ted.  Andi won't allow it but ends up hiring Ted on a six month probationary period as a trainee under Sock.

The episode ends with Sam's father coming back to talk to him as a zombie!

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Nina: I'm starting to like human food.
Ben: How is demon food different?
Nina: Usually it's still squirming.. or screaming

Nina: Do many people find those women attractive?
Kristen: Oh yes, I think they're beautiful.
Nina: So for you, beauty entails injecting silicone into your chest cavity