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Sam continues his search for Alan who he thinks can get him out of his contract with the Devil.  They end up sending him on a flight to the Vatican in exchange for him telling the secret of how he got out of Hell.

Sock, meanwhile, goes to any length to hit on a girl he met at a funeral and ends up taking money from the deceased woman to give to a fake charity.

Ben and Nina end up breaking up when Nina nearly causes his grandmother to die from a heart attack.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Devil: Yeah, would you look at that, huh? Makes me sick. All the CO2 spewing in the air, polluting our planet, choking our beautiful Mother Earth. Did you know that global warming is the biggest threat facing us today?
Sam: Really? You care about global warming?
Devil: Yes, I care. Because it could destroy our planet. And if that happens, that jackass upstairs can count all the casualties as innocents. That means I won't get any of the souls. Zero. So yeah, man, I'm goin' green

Andi: So. What are you going to do with your new freedom?
Sam: I might learn a new language.
Andi: Really?
Sam: No. I'll probably just nap a lot