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The lost soul took over the silver mine at a small town, Dove Hollow, and Sam was given a grenade as his vessel.  Sam decides to take Andi, the guys, and Kristen and turn it into a little road trip.  Ben tries to invite Nina, but after spending every second of the weekend with her, she needs a little time apart.  At the town, the inn keeper, bartender, etc, all act very possessed and tell the gang to go to the Silver Mine. 

After eating a Llama, Nina decides to come surprise Ben at the Hollow.  She heads to find them in the bar, where she ends up being swallowed by the creature through the bartender.  When Ben comes in looking for her, it goes for Ben and the Sheriff shoots the "bartender," which turns out to be a tentacle.  The Sheriff is the only non-possessed person living in the town and he agrees to help them get the creature out of the mine by smoking it out.

When the guys show up there, the creature remains in the cave so Ben goes in with the grenade to capture it himself.  He returns with the soul in the grenade and they go back to the Sheriff and find out not only did he not smoke it out but he actually warned it.  Those tentacle people are his friends.. he was even dating one.  He goes after the guys until Sam agrees to release the creature back into the cave (it was even the Devil's idea!).  As they go to do it, Nina comes flying out with the grenade and goes to kill the Sheriff.  Sam makes her spare his life saying living without the creature will be torture enough.  Nina thinks Sam is evil and ends up kissing him... she's attracted to it.

Meanwhile, Sock manages to somehow convince Kristin to sleep with him on the vacation.  They seem to want to continue the relationship when they get back home, but Sock and Kristin's parents come home.

Oh and did we mention Andi dumps Sam for being too okay with all the evil in his life?

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Ben is adorable, and I really, really like him. But, um, he's just a little clingy. Sometimes. Kind of makes me wanna rip out his internal organs and show them to him. Well, not really, but you know what I mean


Nina: I'm probably going to get something to eat.
Ben: Cool, I like eating.
Nina: Do you like to eat llama? Because I'm going to eat a live llama