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All the kids are upset that Nurse Jackson was suspended. With Dash at the helm, they decide to start a letter writing campaign but Hunter makes fun of them. Hunter cajoles Kara, Dash, and Jordi into following him so he can show them the real hospital. He takes them to see a surgery in progress, until they get caught.

Hunter tells Kara he didn't have his surgery. The surgeon spotted a black spot on the liver and considered it unusable. He's still waiting for a transplant.

Since Dash missed two of his treatments without Nurse Jackson there to make him go, he coughs up blood and passes out after running around the hospital with the kids. 

Leo takes Emma on a date to meet his friends but they end up asking a lot of questions about her anorexia when they meet over lunch and Emma gets upset. Later, Lauren tells Emma she really likes her and that Leo's a great guy but that he won't wait forever for her to pull it together. Leo tells Emma he hopes that they are able to leave the hospital together some day. When Emma spots the marshmallow cookies she loved as a child in Leo's room, she takes a bite. Leo is thrilled and kisses her. 

Brittany and Kenji visit Nurse Jackson at home and find out that she was a successful backup singer when her sister died leaving behind a distraught husband and young daughter. Jackson became a nurse so she could spend more time at home and be there for them. Kenji points out that she could have done a lot of things that kept her close to home. Being a nurse was a calling.

Dr. McAndrews calls Nurse Jackson in to tell her about Dash and he decides to lift her suspension, realizing she did the wrong thing for the right reason.

Nurse Jackson goes to check on Charlie and he opens his eyes. 

Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sorry, I'm just not good at taking sides, especially since one of the sides has George Clooney hair and could be the father of my future child.


Brittany, in the three days since Jackson's been gone I've worked four doubles which I didn't even know was mathematically possible. I've been thrown up on eleven times, shaved a screaming child whose medication was making him grow body hair, and now I'm compulsively eating deep fried beef just to stay awake.