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Jordi gets a visit from a social worker about becoming an emancipated minor.

Charlie's accident took place while his father was driving him home from a party. Charlie got sick in the back of the car and his father told him to take off his seatbelt and lie down. Then a truck hit the car. 

Charlie is going to be moved to a long-term care facility as he's been out of the ICU for over eight weeks and is still in a coma. Nurse Jackson accuses Dr. McAndrew of not caring about Charlie as much as she does. She promised Charlie she would be there when he woke up but he hasn't woken up. 

Charlie's parents reconcile as they face the insurance companies decision to move him to the facility. Nurse Jackson puts Charlie's name on a vial of someone else's blood.

Emma is still angry at Leo for Kara kissing him at the Homecoming dance. Emma offers to teach Jordi how to drive. Jordi invites Leo to come along. Leo and Emma argue the entire time. Back at the hospital, Leo kisses Emma in the middle of a fight and Jordi sees it happen and he isn't pleased. 

Dash asks for Kara's help to get into a luxury condo so he can tag the roof, creating a mural for all of his friends to see from the roof of the hospital. He gets a pager for the organ donors list but tells Kara he's not sure if he wants a new set of lungs. He's made his peace. He only wants to be remembered. In return, he'll tell her who is on the organ donation board.

Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

A pager. What is he a pimp from the '90s?


I have people who care about me. Unfortunately those same people also believe that cancer can be cured by farm animals.