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Leo tries playing soccer with his prosthetic. Stanford University's soccer club was interested in him before he lost his leg. If he can't get a scholarship he can't go to college. Nurse Jackson gets a celebrity basketball player with an prosthetic leg to come help Leo train. 

Emma stares at her food as though she's completely intimidated. She writes down every calorie. Nurse Brittany who just broke up with her boyfriend who she moved out here to be with, agrees to chaperone Kara to her homecoming dance. She convinces Emma to come with them because she is getting too comfortable in the hospital. 

Kara is shocked when everyone at the dance is nice to her. Even more shocked when she realizes that they all think she's going to die. 

Leo surprises Emma at Homecoming and brings her a rose. The girls at the dance think her triple zero size is the coolest and she later decides to not eat to be in the cool crowd.

Leo comes to Kara's aid during the Homecoming ceremony, leaving Emma feeling second best. 

Leo decides he doesn't want to be the soccer player who survived cancer. He'd rather just be a regular guy.

Jordi begins his treatment. His mom is looking for a job so she can stay in Los Angeles with him. Nurse Jackson gives Eva a hard time. Dr.McAndrew tells her to cut the woman a break but Jackson doesn't trust her. 

Dash and Jordi and play poker for joints. Jordi's mom sends them to a movie where Jordi shares that he doesn't think his mom will stick around but Dash thinks he should give his mother a chance. Later, Jordi passes out at the theater. Back at the hospital, the side effects of the chemo are too much for Eva to watch and she bolts. She relinquishes guardianship of Jordi and signs off on him becoming an emancipated minor.  

Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Leo: I seriously want to hug you right now.
Nurse Jackson: You'll get over it.

Going home means facing everything that you left behind.