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Emma goes home to her father, mother and younger sister Finley. She finds out that her parents hid from her that they think her grandmother was anorexic. Her mother felt that would only give her permission to be damaged. After dodging his calls, Emma finally tries to call Leo but it goes to voicemail. When her parents force her to eat at dinner, she later panics and forces herself to throw it up. Later her father finds her passed out on the bathroom floor.

Kara is crushed when she hears Hunter tell his parents he wants to go home. Later, he tries to explain to her that it's for his mom but Kara refuses to say goodbye. She later ditches the hospital and Leo goes with her. They're both dealing with a loss: Leo with Emma and Kara with Hunter. After a day of bonding they end up having sex in her car.

Just before Hunter leaves the hospital he finds out there's a liver on the way and he goes in for his transplant. Beforehand, he tells Dash that he's the real leader of the Red Bands.

Things are awkward between Dr. McAndrew and Brittany and are only made worse when Adam, upset about a patient, lashes out a Brittany.

After some false starts and stops, Dr. Naday kisses Nurse Jackson.

Dr. McAndrew recommends a high risk surgery for Jordi but since his emancipation has not been processed, social services denies it. Jordi decides to sell pain killers to get the money to pay the court fees in order for his emancipation to go through. 

Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Smart and pretty. Bring those babies up to a C cup and you could be a triple threat.


Kara: You think I'm wrong?
Leo: I think no one's interested in listening to your crap today.