Reginald At Work
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Sarah arrives at Reginald's house and tries to reason with him.

All he can see is her veins and her blood, and he doesn't want to hurt her.

He admits to loving her and tells her that he's a vampire, but she leaves before he can tell her.

Maurice is there instead.

Maurice warns him about the dangers of NOT feeding.

Reginald loses it at work a bit, but one of his coworkers tries to get him to cooperate.

Sarah reveals that she forgot how to get to work (an issue relating to Maurice).

Maurice's glamor messed with her head,  but Reginald acts weird about it.

Maurice gets attacked by Isaac's brother as retribution for killing Isaac.

Reginald goes to Maurice's and runs into someone unknown.

Maurice wants to receive something that will kill the head vampire.

He arrives home, to find Reginald talking with Maurice's.... roommate? Significant other?

Angela, the head vampire, arrives at Maurice's home.

Reginald continues to try and feed, and he really stinks at it.

He gets knocked out by someone who he wanted to feed off of.

Angela menacingly talks and threatens Maurice in a roundabout way in his own home.

Reginald tries to feed again, and a girl figures out that he's a vampire.

She gives him raw meat, which she (and Reginald) hopes will help.

Maurice got invited to something for Angela, and he decides to go to learn more about her world.

The girl continues to try and help Reginald, and she wants him to feed on his boss, Todd.

He finally gets ahold of Todd (with the girl's help), and manages to glamor him, and feed off of him!

After he feeds, he sees Maurice is in trouble (due to the connection they share).

Angela sets Maurice up to burn him, and she is seriously angry.

She knows about Reginald, and she insults him, and insults Maurice for making Reginald.

She plans on killing Reginald.

Reginald tries to save Maurice but runs into someone who tries to stop him, Isaac's brother.

He escapes Isaac's brother, somehow, and find Maurice burning, and saves him, which alerts Angela to his presence.

Reginald the Vampire
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Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Reginald: I'm a muthafuckin' vampire!
Maurice: No. No. I'm still not entirely on board with that catchphrase.

Reginald: So, summing up, again: body issues for eternity, unable to control my most basic urges, and unfit for human interaction, including, of course, romance.