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-Mary and Francis return to French court from a wonderful honeymoon.

-But their joy is to be short-lived--Lola has fallen pregnant, from her liaison with Francis in Paris.

-Lola asks a servant girl to help her find a woman who helps other women end pregnancies.

-The servant girl refuses to tell her at first, because the procedure is so dangerous--but Lola bribes her, and the servant girl eventually spills her secrets.

-Lola goes to the woman's house, and gets ready to endure the procedure--but Mary stops the operation.

-Mary urges Lola to not undergo the dangerous procedure, telling her that they will all figure out how to raise her baby together.

-However, Mary is extremely hurt once she realizes that the baby is Francis's.

-Lola begs her to keep the pregnancy a secret from Francis, while she figures out what to do.

-Bash goes into the woods, and meets a beautiful female hunter.

-Their meeting is cut short, however, when they find Francis's old love, Olivia--long-missing and assumed dead, now wounded all over and insane.

-Bash takes her to Nostradamus, who tries to nurse her and help her return to health.

-Bash believes Olivia has been subject to bizarre and possibly supernatural rituals while lost in the woods, but Nostradamus does not believe him.

-However, in a fit of hallucination, Olivia stabs a priest to death.

-King Henry accidentally drops the Duchess of Bavaria out the window while making love to her.

-She dies.

-He enlists Queen Catherine to help him cover up the accident, and they re-connect, enjoying each other's company as they fake the Duchess's suicide, and forge a suicide note.

-When the Duchess's brother reveals that the note is a forgery because the Duchess could not read, Queen Catherine spins an elaborate lie about the Duchess's illicit relationship with the dead priest, thereby taking care of both of the dead bodies lying around Court.

-The Duke of Bavaria is so embarrassed by the false relationship Queen Catherine fabricated, he begs them to cover up his sister's death, and pretend she died while swimming.

-King Henry promises to find Kenna a suitable husband--but continues to sleep with her in the meantime.

-Bash leaves court for good--and on his way out, sees the beautiful hunter once again.


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Reign Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Bash: You don't believe there's a dark, malignant power in the woods?
Nostradamus: Nature is not malignant.

Politics, back-stabbing, murder--just another day at French court.