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King Henry accuses Queen Catherine of treason and adultery. In order to redeem herself, Catherine searches for a dark secret from Bash's past.

Nostradamus reveals the truth behind the castle ghost. 

Mary and Bash visit the baby, and worry that someone will see the mark, linking them to Isobel. 

Catherine's family arrives with the news they were successful in stopping Henry's attempt at annulment, but now he is accusing her of adultery, just as two men deliver a lovely place from which her head would drop when it's chopped off.

Henry also brings with him Viscount Richard Delacroix to help Catherine with her defense.

Catherine was let out of containment just in time to see the baby and its pagan marking before Mary had it safely away. A duel of words to the death began.

Catherine visits her accused amour, Nostradamus, who has been brought to the castle for the festivities.

Catherine continues her search for the baby.

Bash asks Mary to commit politically. Bash doesn't think it's enough. He asks her if she's ever thought what it might have been like if he was the one for whom she was intended when she first came to court.

Mary and Bash receive word that Catherine has learned where the baby is and they set off to get to it first.

Clarissa comes to Catherine and tells her she and Nostradamus will both get what they deserve.

Nostradamus tells Catherine about Clarissa. That she was born with a birthmark on her face and they tried to remove it, only to savagely deform her. Upon healing the storm Catherine was in tears.

Upon hearing of her impending death, Catherine goes to Henry. They talk about their love... they both thought the other stopped loving each other. When she wasn't able to bear him a child, she was afraid he would kill her. He responded by wondering why she could not see then that he was in love with her and could never have done that. After their discussion, they wind up in each others arms.

Mary and Bash reach the baby just minutes before Catherine's people arrive, they hide and are spared but the baby is discovered.

After Catherine leaves Henry's bed, she goes directly to Richard Delacroix and into his arms. He has been the man who has loved her all of her life and she although she loves Henry, she's never felt safe with him like she does with Richard. Meanwhile, Mary and Bash learn of the tale of Catherine's baby that she had with a lover while they are with the woman who was protecting the baby. It must have been Richard's.

Bash and Mary take the servant back to the castle to tell the tale of the baby with the port wine stain. Henry has Richard's beard shaved and his similar stain is revealed. He is removed to lose his head. 

Catherine counters with a pagan object from Diane's chamber and Henry's two guards as witnesses to her finding and not planting it there. When one guard promises to tell the truth about what he saw, Henry unsheathes his sword and nearly beheads him. The other guard claims to have seen nothing.

Catherine's family tells her she has disgraced them. They offer her no further help other than a pill of poison. 

Mary tells Bash he exhilarates her and challenges her in ways she never imagined and that her heart is open. 

Mary takes a bath and Catherine sneaks in and puts the poison pill into the water intending to take them both out, but Clarissa comes in and saves them both. Bash comes in and pulls Mary from the water, telling the guards to chain up Catherine like the animal that she is.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

When the ax falls on your neck, I will be there. With Bash. The next king of France.


Off with you child. You've killed me enough for one day.