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-The court holds an event where the Ladies are set up to eligible men.

-Lola and Greer are both underwhelmed by the men suggested to them as suitors.

-Francis reveals to Mary that the man suggested to Lola as a suitor is gay.

-He also confesses that he slept with Lola while Mary was engaged to Bash.

-Mary initially urges Lola to marry him, so that Lola may cover up her pregnancy.

-Mary also frets about her own inability to get pregnant.

-Eventually, Mary comes around, begins to forgive Lola, and tells her not to settle for a sham marriage.

-Greer wants to stay with her boyfriend, rather than settle for any of the 'appropriate' suitors suggested to her--but soon finds out that her family has already picked out a fiancee for her.

-Bash intends to leave France--and his new friend Rowan--but stops when he finds that her family home has been 'marked,' and that her family has been singled out to be sacrificed to 'the darkness.'

-Bash tries to help them fight, but the family is afraid that his efforts will just worsen their fate, and so drug him to stop him from interfering with their sacrifice.

-Bash wakes up during the sacrifice ritual, after 'the darkness' has arrived.

-He makes a startled sound, which attracts Rowan's attention--and which attracts 'the darkness' to Rowan.

-'The darkness' carries Rowan away.

-King Henry asks Kenna to have a three-way with him and a prostitute.

-Kenna does not want to, but King Henry insists.

-Kenna gets drunk to help herself through the miserable experience--and awakens the next day to find the prostitute dead.

-Kenna is so terrified of King Henry's violence, she seeks Queen Catherine's help.

-Queen Catherine confronts King Henry--who eventually admits that he murdered the prostitute on purpose. He also murdered the Duchess on purpose, to reaffirm that his power as king is God-given and absolute.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

I don't make love to you because I want a baby. I want a baby because I love you.


Francis: There are two nations who are very excited for us to have a family.
Mary: Two nations? Is that all?

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One two bitter and sick Bitter And Sick One Two iTunes
Distant cousins fly away Fly Away Distant Cousins iTunes
Kodaline love like this Love Like This Kodaline iTunes