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-Mary's mother is in danger in Scotland, and the only way Mary can protect her by seeking help from her treacherous uncle, Richard.

-The English throne appears to be going to Elizabeth, not Mary.

-Mary's uncle Richard will only help protect Mary's mother if Francis agrees to make him his right-hand man once Francis becomes king.

-Francis agrees to the terms of the deal.

-Penelope has been banished from the king's company, even though she claims to be pregnant with his child.

-Queen Catherine sentences her to hard time in the tower, but then informs her that she can train to be one of the queen's courtesan-spies if she chooses.

-Penelope accepts the offer.

-King Henry, still quite mad, devises an impossible plan to maintain France's claim on the English throne.

-Bash and Kenna become more comfortable as a couple.

-Greer's father and sisters visit court to meet Lord Castleroy.

-Greer's father is a rude boor who is unkind to his daughter, lambasting her for embarrassing the family through her previous relationship with the cook.

-But both Greer and her father are shocked when Lord Castleroy declares that he is not seeking a dowry, and in fact, will give money to Greer's young sisters to ensure that they each have large enough dowries to marry for love.

-Greer begins to truly warm up to Castleroy.

-King Henry realizes that Queen Catherine has been telling the military to disregard his deranged orders.

-Once he realizes this, he over-rides her commands, sending out men to fight for France's right to the English throne.

-In an effort to prevent King Henry from causing a bloodbath, Francis pretends to go along with his father's plan, while actually enlisting Richard and his men to help fight for France's land.

-Because of this, Francis cannot send men to defend Mary's mother.

-Mary feels betrayed, and calls their marriage a mistake.


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Reign Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Losing bothers me.


Trust is a luxury I can no longer afford.


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