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Louis left for several weeks to think through things and now he's returned to court. Mary still hopes there's some kind of future for them.
Protestant rebels have seized a monastery and are holding a group of young boys hostage. Francis blames the raid, in part, on Mary as they are retaliating against his support of Scotland. Additionally, he doesn't have a battle ready troop to send in for the rescue because all his best soldiers were sent to her country.
Cathering is sneaking around with Narcisse. When she confesses her desire to crush Conde, Narcisse says he can get rid of Francis' cousin and regain his place in court and thereby her royal bed, but it'll cost a few lives. Catherine readily agrees. 
Narcisse has his henchmen plant some bodies outside the monastery with Conde's seal, making it look as if he's part of the rebels; a traitor.
Intel says the rebels intend to blow up themselves and the boys. In a desperate bid to save the young ones Francis' agrees to let Narcisse's man, Renaude, send in his private army.
Lola and Kenna learn their best fried is a madam and don't blink an eye. Kenna is intrigued when she sees Renaude at her establishment. She's got an eye for him and he for her. Meanwhile, Narcisse shows he's still interested in Lola despite bedding Catherine. 
Conde learns that he was set up and tells Mary. They break up, but she makes him promise he won't leave. She wants to save his life as he saved hers. She intends to convince Francis he's not a traitor so his head can stay attached to his shoulders. She actually manages to persuade Francis to leave him be, but not before Louis goes into self-preservation mode and marries Queen Elizabeth through a proxy.
The next morning the proxy is dead, the priest who married them is murdered and the paperwork for their marriage is missing. Elizabeth's envoy says there's no way Louis can re-wed, which means he's royally screwed. He doesn't have the protection of Elizabeth's crown and though there may not be proof of his marriage to her if anyone witnessed the nuptials that'll make him guilty of treason.
Catherine knows what's gone down with Conde. In fact she may have had some part in undoing the wedding. Then again, maybe Narcisse did. Or perhaps it was neither. Either way the two are amused that they need wonder what the other is always doing. It's that mistrust that has Catherine calling on her spy who reports the intimate meet-up between Lola and Narcisse.
Francis tells Mary about Conde's nuptials, but she defends him and blames herself. Francis says she doesn't get the gravity of the situation. If those papers are found Elizabeth can lay claim to the throne with a French king by her side, she can rally protestants in their country. In other words, their reign may be at an end.
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Reign Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

We're all basically fallen women--an unwed mother, a divorcee, eventually, and now a madam. So I say to hell with what people think.


You were planning to abandon our marriage, flee France and run off with my cousin so I no longer care what you do.