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Francis finds Mary when she doesn't show up for breakfast. Mary tells him she saw him the night she returned the night she returned, sleeping with Lola and the baby. She says there's no need to explain, but clearly there is a need to explain. She says it still hurt to see the happier life he could have. He wants a happier life with her. He nears her and she flinches, again saying she can't bear a man's touch.

Francis has been parceling out Narcisse's land. It's been like a feeding frenzy. Mary would like to help. Out of duty, of course.

Bash goes to Kenna with news of a title and lands and as they're excitedly undressing and preparing to have the sex, his mother walks in, miserable as always. Bash turned down a Dutch to be a Baron and remain closer to Francis. He also gave Diane some of the lands granted to him. Kenna isn't pleased, but she's still going to be a Baroness.

Catherine is with Henry and her twins, wondering how he managed to keep them from hating her even after she refused to kill Claude. He listened. Henry wants her to choose to be more of a part of their world, and she wonders if she's going mad.

Mary comes to Francis when he's dividing Narcisse's lands and the thing that lights her up the most is her suggestion to give Conde some of the best lands.

Mary confronts Greer. A prisoner named Castleroy as one connected to the Protestants. If she was connected in anyway, then they're in trouble. Leith goes to see Greer as she's turning her room over looking for evidence. She admits they funded it, but were unaware of what they were funding. Leith agrees to help her.

Catherine chats with Diane and really loves basking in the fact Kenna's now her daughter in law. Henry interrupts with his new softer side and he tries to convince her to away with them again.

Bash is looking for the nannies who were with the twins at the time of their death. One died of old age, the others are proving harder to find. When he does, Claude wants to question them as well.

Conde doesn't feel right accepting lands. Mary throws out the "but Francis your King has made the offer, he'll wonder why you're turning it down..." As Francis tries to defend Francis to Conde, Francis looks on, realizing it's not difficult for her to touch Conde at all. 

One of the nanny's is found. She married a noble. Claude wonders exactly how she managed that. That takes her by surprise. Lady Yvonne is shaking like a leaf, to be honest. Henry was having his way with her and he had her try some Turkish smoke. Hours had gone by and when she returned to the twins, the windows were opened and the twins froze to death. To save her own ass, she shoved flowers down their throats so Catherine wouldn't know she did it. She hoped Catherine wouldn't really blame Claude.

Catherine is, meanwhile, running about with her dead family. Henry tries to freeze her to death.

Francis and Conde argue over Mary. Conde blames Francis for not looking after her, but he's the one who left the castle after confessing his love when the Protestants were about to attack. The two fake joust and just as Conde lunges at Francis Mary screams for them to stop.

Bash finds Catherine in the snow. She wonders why he's helping her. Good question. She's saddened to learn the truth of what happened and wants the woman punished. She wonders who would be punishing her. She realizes she was just saving herself to keep from asking questions she didn't want the answer to. She knows Henry hurt Bash's mother, too. Something Catherine says as she's making Bash aware she knew of the promises Henry made to Diane makes him rush off. 

Mary is attending to a cut on Francis' face. Conde provoked him. Francis thinks Mary encouraged Conde, even though she doesn't realize it. He continues with knowing how painful it is, but the idea of separate lives hurts not only their marriage but their role. When she gives them an heir, there cannot be the slightest doubt about their child's paternity. Doubts like these start wars. Mary storms off.

Catherine sends the twins away easily. She lets Henry know she's aware of his complicity in the twins death. 

Bash confronts his mother. She wrecked the chapel with the beautiful stained glass Henry built for them just two days before the twins were murdered. She is the one who killed them. He will protect her secret if she leaves never to come back. Diane drops a bombshell about Kenna that upsets Bash just as much as what she did. Neither deserves his forgiveness.

Mary asks Lola to offer herself to Conde. Conde isn't all that pleased. Mary hopes they'll come to admire each other so they can find the happiness she has found with Francis.

Castleroy's ledger is found. It confirms his guilt. Greer is in the hole. When Mary comes to visit her she admits lying to Mary. It's enough to prove the guilt in the eyes of the Catholic nobles, but not the King. Greer loses everything but her life. She has no home, no position, no friends. A wagon takes her away immediately.

Bash confronts Kenna about what she told Catherine, that Diane asked Rome to have Bash legitimized. He could have been executed. She never imagined he would be hurt. Despite Kenna's brilliant explanation, Bash leaves in anger.

Francis checks on Mary after everything that went down with Greer. No, she's not alright. She wonders if she should have ever let her friends come with her. They're miserable. Francis wants to stay with her, to watch over her as she sleeps, to assure her she is not so alone. She would like that. 

Meanwhile, Diane didn't leave soon enough. Catherine knew, when Bash took her lands away and told her to leave, the windows didn't just blow open in the wind. Hands had to open the latches. Catherine sends Diane to live iwth Henry.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I heard that Bash is helping Claude find out if she killed the twins. Shouldn't I have been asking those questions?


My mother thinks I killed the twins, to the point that she was trying to poison me.