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Francis believes the ghost of his father is roaming the castle and will make him pay for his murder. 

Catherine chats with the King and Queen about their coronation. Mary and Francis are appalled at the expenses being afforded the event but Catherine remind them they cannot look like a the wounded gazelle they are or else they will give off the appearance they would be easily usurped.

Francis stands up to his mother and assures her Mary will continue to play her part.

A spirit reader interrupts their conversation and Francis is concerned.

Francis has publicly claimed his son and named him a Baron. He has given Lola lands and a chateau. Ladies of the court prattle on about all the gossip, including the news that Kenna and Bash lost their home in the Plague fires.

Kenna wishes that she and Bash had been given lands and such but promises not to begrudge Lola and the baby what will make their lives easier.

Conde is in for the coronation, and he brought a new friend. Mary and Greer laugh at how quickly he bounced back after setting his lady friend on a ship. His new friend is a courtesan. Mary was hoping he might make a suitable match for Lola.

Lola wishes Francis would have consulted her before letting her favorite nanny go. He makes up an excuse about why he let her go.

Francis confronts Narcisse about the grain he was promised. Narcisse says he cannot find a workforce to manage the grain, and those that can are just too hungry or sad about the losses of their family and friends. Excuses to be lazy, and yet he does nothing to ensure otherwise.

Narcisse does not give Francis the date he requests for the first shipment, but rather... soon.

A man grabs a basket from a tent an tries to make off with it. He's killed for his trouble. Conde finds inside merely a loaf of bread and a chicken.

The man who has arranged to provide France with grain is afraid of Narcisse.

Francis trusts Bash, and also trusts him not to ask questions he cannot answer.

A German ambassador speaks to Mary. He wants their protestant prisoners released and if it is done, he makes promises of an abundance of German grain.

A woman approaches Bash as the King's Deputy saying he is her last resort. She knows Lord Barnard killed her husband and he thinks he can kill anyone and get away with it.

Catherine chats with Narcisse and sounds proud as she talks about the different kind of King her son is from his father and how he and Mary care for the people more than money or power.

Narcisse is angry that Francis double deals behind his back. He's angry that Francis appears to be going to other for grain he has already promised to Francis. He uses money as a motivator, but Catherine knows better. She knows it's about revenge.

The woman who earlier watched the snarky bitches talking about Kenna approaches her at the dance. She thinks perhaps she could help. Her husband is helping to dispose of estates of the dead after the Plague.

Narcisse threatens Lord Ducasas' son to squelch his deal with the King for grain. Catherine confronts Narcisse. She reminds him he cannot put a price on the loss of his son. She suggests he needs a friend at court. In return she wants grain. He can sell it to her if he won't sell it to Francis. Corn, as well. Catherine tries to make a deal, but when Narcisse tries to bribe her even further -- by requesting someone of his choosing on the King's court -- she walks away.

Francis wants to discuss things with the nanny.

Mary goes to the Duke who doesn't find it amusing that the king is "intrigued" and if he cannot free his friends immediately he will be leaving before the coronation. He didn't come to watch Rome prop up a new puppet king.

Francis wants the spirit speaker to talk directly with the nanny to see if he's being deceived or if she's suffering madness. What if it's neither?

Bash discovers that the woman's husband was indeed murdered.

Mary decides to go behind Francis' back to secure grain because she cannot find him. He's off dallying with spirits. Greer is skeptical that Mary should proceed.

The woman is given an elixir. Henry comes back. Plots and plans and plots and plans is what Henry saw in Francis before he died.

Francis returns to the castle to discover Mary making plans on his behalf and demands she do no such thing going forward.

The lady who gifted Kenna and Bash a new estate is Lady Barnard -- the man responsible for the death of others so he could take their lands. Kenna is shocked she was taken advantage of so and approaches Lady Barnard. She protects her husband as the most honest man she knows. The nobles already hate Bash for trying to overtake the throne. If he doesn't stop the investigation it will get worse. Bash and Kenna are hanging on by a thread thanks to the devotion of the King and Queen.

During the coronation festivities, Herr Shuller rides up, claiming to be ill used and threatened.

The prisoners were not there and they were removed two days prior. Suddenly Francis is being told his is like his father and it isn't a good feeling at all.

The Duke has his man thrust upon the stage the torture devices that were found in place of the prisoners -- a knee crusher, cat's paw and rat's cage -- they looks worse than they sound.

Threats are made and weapons drawn. The kind orders everyone to stand down.

Kenna ripped the page of evidence from the journal to save Bash's life. Bash reminds her they are better people than the Barnards. They have to be. He wants to have the courage to fight, but he can't have her stopping him to save his life.

Mary discovers Conde's courtesan and Conde himself took the prisoners. His lover was captured at sea by Germans and he took the prisoners to make a deal with the Germans himself. Conde thinks that Francis is no different than Henry because of the deal he and Mary made with Narcisse, which was a ruse to stop a bigger problem.

Mary thinks Conde should return the prisoners. He doesn't believe putting country before love is right, but he does it anyway. Mary was successful.

Francis and Mary stand together, and they are stronger for it. Narcisse finally acknowledges them both and also delivers the grain.

Mary wonders why Conde returned the prisoners. Because he wanted to be the man that Mary saw in him. In return, Mary assured his woman was released, although Conde notes she will not be returning to him, but to her husband and children, because children are a bond you cannot break.

Catherine is discovered by the sea by Narcisse. She did buy grain, but she didn't have it delivered to the castle. She had it delivered to a town. She has been generous continuously. She wants to be loved and protected and to ensure the people of France know she is responsible for keeping them well.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mary: Are all powerful men so insecure?
Francis: A few. Many. Most.

Mary: What good does it do to pretend to be strong it it bankrupts us?
Catherine: Truly, Francis, I don't know why she's even in this conversation. Didn't you promise the
nobles you'd muzzle her?