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Kenna is dreaming about Renaude exactly as she used to imagine Sexy King Henry.

Meanwhile, he's looking for Conde.

Mary is assuring Francis Conde isn't responsible for his own actions. Francis says he's committed treason and the punishment for treason is death. Conde is the only one who wed the nation's enemy, after all.

Kenna is startled to see Renaude. He notices. She loves how he speaks of ambition. He's pleased she's pleased.

Claude is going to her hat maker to get her green hat blah blah and the case is full of bottles. 

Mary goes to see Greer in disguise.

Catherine and Narcisse have sex. She's thinking of Conde. Unflattering, Narcisse suggests. Catherine brings up Lola and they discuss why things didn't happen between them. The more he protests, the more Catherine thinks something is up. She wants him to do something unforgivable.

Mary wants Greer to listen for rumors of Conde. Greer supposes that means her girls are working for the Queen of France and Mary gives her a retainer.

Leith goes to see the Cardinal for his annulment. They're expensive. He wants Leith to work for a few more years. Or...go to the map room in the castle and steal something from the castle and fence it.

Kenna is excited about her potential annulment. Lola suggests she slow the hell down as she doesn't have much experience making her own choices. With men. As they're chatting, Lola notices men talking about her. They're tittering over a relaxing bath. She grabs a drawing out of their hands. 

Francis goes to see Mary. He's considered whether he should allow Conde to escape. No go. It's a matter of national security. He's sorry. Meanwhile, she's lying to him again. She has a note to meet Conde.

He wants to ask for her forgiveness before he dies. She wants to arrange for him to escape on the tanner's wagon. He's willing to put her life at risk by doing it. Nice.

When Claude asks Leith how much he would want to take her to Leon, he names a price and she offers more. He must think she's joking because he'd rather steal for the cardinal. Is he serious?

She follows him, catches him in the act and gives him new details. 

Lola gives Narcisse a bit of her mind. He says he lost a bet that she was the most beautiful woman at court. It appears to work. She says he's not the type of person to blackmail someone just for money. 

Narcisse is crushed that she thinks ill of him now.

Conde is caught by Renaude at the very first check point. Francis wants to tell her but she already knows when he approaches because she's bawling.

Claude meet with her boy, but after sleeping with him he has immediate plans to take off.

Elizabeth sends Lord Akers to look after Conde. All the guards are slaughtered and they're off. Elizabeth needs to marry even more than ever. She wants to wed a king. First he has to take the throne of France.

Claude wants Leigh to wait on her after her setback. She hates that he wants to get back to his madam girlfriend. She wants him to end his relationship with that woman. Everyone should be as miserable as she is because she is a princess.

Claude gives Leith her earrings. She's sick of hearing his personal problems and never wants to hear of them again.

Catherine is quite happy with Narcisse's performance. He suggests that she pulled the business that because she's worried about what happened with her husband and she shouldn't ruin any possibility of love before it happens for fear it will end.

Conde is ready to leave the madness. Akers thinks it's nuts. Francis is a mere boy, after all. Conde will be so much more attractive. Create a dynasty. The Bourbon dynasty.

When Renaude reports to Francis, Francis wonders if Conde got the French identity papers from Mary. After all this. Catherine is certain of it.

Kenna wants General Reneaude to escort her through the gardens. He can't. He's busy, busy, busy and has to go on a trip to catch a fugitive and meet a bride. 

Leith gives to Greer the money and wants to marry. She wants to keep the brothel, instead. He makes her choose between respectability and the brothel. Of course. Because there cannot be a happy couple on the show.

The whore goes to see Renaude. 

We finally see Bash at the end who laughingly suggests she and Francis comfort each other. Mary tries to explain herself out the Conde situation. She finally realizes it's her. Only a king can survive my love. My rank is poison. What the hell? She loved Francis. So what's the problem?

Mary wants forgiveness. Francis cannot really muster it up, knowing Conde is out there, most likely with 


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Reign Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Apparently your mother doesn't approve of your twin soul.


So I've been sent to inform you that her Majesty still rejoices in the idea of marrying you and she's ready to give you her backing, if you take the throne of France.

Lord Akers