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Mary asked Kenna to plan a wine tasting banquet, but the event ends up being a parade of possible mistresses for Francis as rumors of the royals strained marriage spreads beyond the castle. Even opportunistic Narcisse, pimps out his niece, Amelie. And Lola is shocked when Catherine suggests she become Francis' mistress. 
Mary and Conde continue their secret plans to leave for Scotland together. They sneak away from the banquet to meet with one of Mary's agents. After going over details with the man, Mary and Conde are left alone. She expresses her desire to be intimate and they begin kissing. She's unable to consummate their relationship, but they're both happy she's able to touch and be touched.
On the way back to the castle they are spotted kissing. Knowing they could be beheaded for treason, Conde chases down the woman. It turns out Antoine had them followed and he threatens to tell Francis about their affair if Conde doesn't break things off with Mary. Conde tells her about Antoine's threats, but doesn't explain that the reason his brother would be willing to sacrifice his life is because Antoine wants him to marry Elizabeth. Mary is crushed, but lets Conde go to keep him safe. 
Antoine tells Kenna he wants to make her his queen. She's unhappy enough in her marriage to Bash that she considers the offer, but wants to test Antoine first. She invites his terminally ill wife to the castle for the banquet and realizes she was right to be mistrustful. His wife isn't sick, but hugely pregnant. He tries to lay down more lies, but Kenna calls him out and he finally admits he just wanted to destroy Bash.
He later leaves for home, but not before stirring things up between Kenna and Bash once more. A resigned Kenna tells her husband that she considered Antoine's proposal because she wants a different life, wants things he can never give her. Bash leaves.
Leith finds Greer and tells her that her husband will be serving a life sentence in jail for treason. Much to Greer's mortification, Leith learns she's a madam. Despite being appalled by her new job he still wants her, as he always has. 
Lady Amelie catches Francis in a weak moment and he sleeps with her. The following day he's filled with remorse and grows even more unhappy when Lola comments on his dalliance. She encourages him to let Mary go so she can begin to heal and so can he.
Francis follows her advice and frees Mary because he doesn't want to cause her any more pain. Then he visits Lola in the nursery and admits the only time he's ever happy anymore is when he's with her. Lola denies his advances, saying they can't be together because of their mutual love for Mary. And because one day when his wife has healed she'll come back to him. 
A happy Mary can't wait to tell Conde that they're free to be together. He thinks it's a trick, a ploy by Francis to win Mary back. He's so rattled by Francis' "generosity" that he freaks out and does what Antoine advised him to. He meets with the Queen of England's envoy to discuss marriage.   
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Reign Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Amelie: As to your marriage, I've learned to live with wanting things I can't have.
Francis: Well, that's a lesson I'd like to learn.

And yet, here we are only two or three chess moves away from becoming a pair Bourbon kings.