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Ridley, Mary's agent, is killed and his sealed letters are stolen. Conde and Mary go into a panic and try to discover who intercepted the missives. They know their heads are on the line should Francis find out their plans to leave France. 

Bash moves out of his place with Kenna, but offers his name as protection. He goes to visit a deputy who has a reputation of bending the law to line his pockets. After seeing that the man also abuses his wife, Bash frees the woman and strips the man of his title.

The corrupt deputy later follows Bash and stabs him. The lady in white drags Bash to her place where she offers to lay hands on him. She reminds him that saving his life will have a cost to another. Bash pleads for her help, not wanting to die.

Leith desperately wants to marry Greer and asks for Francis' help in acquiring an annulment. After Francis tells him to just let Greer go, Leith goes directly to the despicable Cardinal Desjardin with the same request. The man of God looks for payment in information about King Francis. 

Francis can't concentrate on anything. He's pained by his loss and is lying to his family to cover up Mary's infidelity. 

Claude climbs into Narcisse's bed, but he turns her down. Catherine decides to make Leith her daughter's personal bodyguard aka chastity belt. 

Conde tells Mary about his marriage negotiations with Elizabeth. She's furious and hurt, but eventually forgives him and decides they need to leave for Scotland sooner rather than later as their lies are becoming too dangerous. 

The stolen letters were intercepted by one of Narcisse's men. He brings the letters to Catherine who decides she must protect Mary and that Francis needs to put a stop to her fleeing. She goes to tell her son and he collapses. The doctor said he fainted, that it's just an ear infection. 

Catherine fears that Nostradamus' prediction is finally coming true and she comes unglued. Narcisse calms her with a kiss. 

Just like Nostradamus' vision, we see Francis bleeding from the ears. 

Mary sleeps with Conde. 


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Reign Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

I opened my heart to a liar.


And now I am lying for you, lying even to my brother, protecting you as you take comfort in the arms of another.