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The Vatican has sent men to France to interrogate those they believe are practicing Protestants. What appears to be a Cardinal decides to cut off the lips of those who lie. As one man begs for his life, a woman without lips hands a soldier what he needs to cut off the man's.

Mary is angry with Francis for what he did and the actions it resulted in with the Vatican's barbaric actions. Francis suggests if she's so sure he made the wrong decision she just bugger off to Scotland. Mary is astounded he would take a mere argument as a reason to split them up. What would it mean for their rule, their marriage? She refuses to go.

Bash points out if Francis was trying to alienate Mary, he's doing a good job. Francis tosses back Narcisse's threat to take Mary's head and his own desire to keep her safe, even if she hates him for it.

Catherine bursts into Claude's bedroom with news of her engagement to the son of a Count from Bavaria. She fusses over her girl's hair and wonders if she has brought any wigs with her. She also suggests Claude smell gamey, so she best bathe.

Conde runs into a guy in the woods, who tries to win him over. Jacob Ravel, the leader of the Protestants in the area. Just a few steps away are the Protestants, gathered in the woods to pray.

Jacob likes what he heard about Francis sending a letter to the Pope to call back his men, leading him to believe Francis is a reasonable man. He wants Conde to appeal to the King.

Lola is forraging in the woods and loses her horse, just seconds before Narcisse rides up to save her. Sexy music comes up as Lola realizes the only wolf in these woods is Narcisse. She accompanies him back to the Castle. He taunts her about pressing up against him while on horseback.

Conde is appalled and apologizes to Francis. He believed Jacob's desire for peace was genuine. Mary stands up for Conde and Bash with Mary. Francis sends Bash off to find people to talk with and Conde accompanies him since he has seen their leaders.

Mary wants to help. He doesn't want her in troubles way, nor does he want to hear how it's all his fault since she fought with him at every turn to keep him from signing the edict. He doesn't think the people need to know of that either.

Lola and Narcisse are in the woods. He's trying to get her to agree to clandestine meetings since she won't be up front about seeing him for fear of offending Mary and Francis.

The Bavarian Count and his son, William, arrive. Since arriving at Court, they have heard distressing news about Claude's virtue and dalliance with a priest.

Conde assures the family they're chatting with that Bash is trustworthy just as the Vatican thugs arrive to pull the family away as they are known Protestants. Bash says he is chatting with them on behalf of the King, but they don't report to the King.

Lola goes to Francis to chat about Mary and learns Narcisse threatened her son after she admits Narcisse told her about Francis and Henry's death.

Francis gets it out of Lola that she did really plant the envelope at Narcisse's house. Francis plans on taking his head when it's discovered.

Claude has no desire to be prodded by the Vatican as proof of her virtue. She'd rather be on the rack. Works for Catherine!

Mary and Conde realize what the minister has done. He wants to become a martyr. Conde will do what he can to persuade Francis to listen to him and to Mary.

Francis talks to the fellow who made the threats. He's refusing to give up the location of the minister. Francis wonders what the Vatican will think of the innocent men and women who know nothing of his treachery, but will likely pay for it nonetheless. Francis talks about unintended consequences of actions that they swear to protect by remaining silent. This prods the fellow to give up the location.

Upon arriving, Conde finds what looks like a bomb only to discover it's filled with sawdust. A Latin message says "blood will flow."

Bash and Claude try to figure out where she can go. Cousin Babette's? Nope. She slept with her fiance...on a dare.

Bash understands what Claude feels because that's what drew them together in the first place -- the understanding that Catherine didn't love them as much as the others.

Bash questions Catherine about Claude's marriage prospects. She treasures her children, even the ones that didn't survive. He has caught her at a reflective moment. The oldest she could ever imagine her twins was at eight or nine. She sees them on the bed, causing even Bash to turn his head.

Before he leaves, Bash witnesses Catherine covering up an unseen someone on the bed.

Bash goes to Narcisse's house to look for evidence of treason against the crown. They find nothing and Lola cannot understand how he didn't let on at all seeing him just yesterday.

Francis is busily stretching the man on the rack. Mary comes in, begging him to stop. He does only when the man passes out.

Narcisse goes to Lola. He's saddened that Lola chose Francis, weak and murderous. He says he would never really hurt her baby, but there's a target on her back and her baby's and it's too bad she didn't think of the extra protection his friendship would offer.

Claude is undergoing the examination by the Vatican when Catherine goes to her and holds her hand.

Bash gives word to Francis and Mary the minister isn't healing.

Catherine tells Claude how beautiful she is and she's sorry she's sending her away, but it's for her own good. When asked why, Catherine flashes back to her twins, when Claude was a young girl. She injured and pinched the babies because they ruined her things, such as ripping flowers from her dress.

While transporting the minister back to his place, Bash and the others are shot by arrows. The minister says he thinks he may have betrayed his people unwittingly. Not so, the Protestant says. There never was a bomb. He's then gutted.

The Bavarian Count is happy to announce Claude will make a great addition to his family just as Claude sits on Narcisse's lap. He flirts with her, asking for his cape before she goes after she quickly gets up. Just eeewwww.

Catherine looks on at the exchange, seeing her twins walking after Claude, shooting Catherine a menacing glare as they leave. She flashes back...she was crying as a man discovers they were suffocated. Inside each of their windpipes was a red flower. Catherine cries out in pain and crumbles.

Bash returns. He delivers the news there is no bomb and the minister was driven through with a sword. There is a disturbance in town. The minister is hanging upside down as if on a cross. Mary realizes this is their bomb. A woman throws a rock and a riot breaks out.

Conde hides the King and Queen. Mary tells Francis it is all his fault and she has lost all faith in him.

Francis is looking at his son, the only thing left untouched in his life. Lola tells him his motives were pure and supports him with a hand on his shoulder.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Bash: Careful brother. If you push Mary too hard, you might not be able to win her back.
Francis: I'd rather she were alive and in Scotland than here and dead.

I may have given up on trying to understand you, but I will not give up on France.