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The ladies are sledding and Mary is smiling. Jealousy strikes Mary's face as Conde pushes Lola down the hill. He later asks her permission to take Lola on a three-day trip to Conde. She approves.

Antoine tries to pull Kenna into some fun, and Bash asks him to keep his hands off of his wife.

Conde learns Antoine's wife is ill, with a growth. The two argue over brothers supporting brothers.

The Duke of Guise is back and Mary's disgusted at the thought he wants his job bad after running at the first sign of plague. He warns her again of the Bourbons. She defends Conde and Catherine calls a family dinner.

Claude wonders why Narcisse is at the family dinner and Catherine announces she was poisoned by the family bible. Francis gets annoyed at Narcisse's familiarity with Catherine.

Bash thinks his mother is back in France.

Narcisse has a suspect, Fredrick Basure, one of Henry's most trusted first valets who fled the moment Henry died.

After dinner, the Duke of Guise confesses to Catherine he's not back for his old position, but to court her. He wants to build an empire, a region they can call home to support her son's rule, where they younger ones can grow up with a mother once again center stage in her own home.

Lola and Kenna go to visit Greer. She essentially does nothing all day. She's eating stout because it's cheap and filling, thus she's drunk

Francis asks Mary when Lola and Conde will be leaving. Why? Because Bash posted a substantial reward leading to the man Narcisse suspects of poisoning Henry and Frederick was tied to Conde. He fought in the Bourbon private army in Spain. Francis believes Conde is true to Mary, but he also believes it's possible he could have done something to the bible before he ever met Mary because of the hatred between their families and as such then regretted it to his core. Mary is not pleased with this turn of events.

Narcisse cannot believe Catherine would actually entertain the prospect the Duke of Guise offered to her. She laughs, knowing he's surprised a man would find her of interest. Everything happening merely reminds her of the blackmail he put Francis though. He tries to be witty, but demands he not argue with her and find out more about Henry's poisoning and then they can talk about their future.

Francis tries to get Conde to stay and he instead asks if she and Francis are no longer in love. She ultimately tells him she doesn't want him with Lola.

The visit with Lola and Kenna continued. Greer lives next to a whore.

When Francis goes to Lola to ask she stop seeing Conde, Lola wonders why they no longer "share" raising their son. He explains what Mary saw of them on the bed and she understands. It seems he appreciates being understood again.

Antoine runs into Kenna in the hallway and begins to make her feel uncomfortable, talking about her lips and such. Why is he always wearing his crown?

The Duke of Guise and Narcisse run into each other in the hallway. Guise threatens Narcisse his dalliance with Catherine won't last. They run into Catherine and volley for her affections.

After talking with Catherine, Narcisse receives shocking news.

Francis tells Mary she's beautiful and she's angry. She continues by telling him she manipulated Conde into staying, as he asked. Did she? She admits she let Conde think she liked him to keep him there.

Bash comes in with news that Frederick Mazure was killed shortly after returning to Conde. It's what he would have done to tie up loose ends. Mazure had debts accumulated at a gentleman's establishment. The owner saw Conde and Mazure talking intently and days later received an anonymous donation absolving him of the debts. It was just weeks before Henry started showing signs of illness. Mary wants to be there to see if he's guilty.

Francis wants Conde to open and read the bible at dinner. Conde is aghast. it was not him. Francis doesn't believe him, but Catherine comes in and discovers it was the Duke of Guise.

Conde starts a speech about his brother and what Bash did to him, maiming him and leaving him for dead. Bash looks devastated. He was told he was a traitor to France by Henry and Bash did what he was told out of loyalty to his father and king. He apologizes. Antoine accepts the apology. Antoine and Bash agree to let all of their feuding die with their fathers.

The carriage of the Duke of Guise is stopped in the street and he's murdered.

Someone offers Greer to money to run his fingers through her hair that looks like spun silk. She contemplates it and, since he's going to look for another prostitute, she sort of becomes madam.

Antoine is incredibly angry at Conde for his misplaced words and showing their hand, the evidence they had against Bash. Now he plans on gutting Bash another way.

Greer goes to get a job with a lady and somehow the whore next door knew where she was and interrupts the interview. The john cut off her hair and Greer's prospects for the job are over.

Francis hears Mary talk about her heart and the future. His own heart is closed tight as a fist as long as long as he doesn't have her.

Narcisse and Antoine meet, sad about the Duke's passing since he was innocent. Antoine gives Narcisse a sack of money. Narcisse acts penniless. He is not and has not been.

The first thing Greer eats off of her plate when it's put in front of her is the bread. Really?

Conde knows Antoine killed Henry. Is Conde poisoning his brother?

Kenna arrives in her chambers to a huge fiest. Strawberries in snow.

Francis goes to see his son and Lola, so they may resume their friendship.

Mary tells Conde she wasn't lying when she said she wanted him to call off the thing with Lola.

She will never do anything to compromise her marriage or reign. He notes none of her excuses are of the heart.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

We have all been hurt by this assassin's poison and no one hurts my family and lives to tell the tale. Whoever they are, they will pay the price and their family will weep tears stained with blood.


Narcisse: The question would be who poisoned it.
Francis: Yes, Narcisse, that would be the question. Thank you for pointing out the obvious and will you please stop doting on my mother!