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Mary and Bash continue on their journey with the clan responsible for killing Francis. They've devised a plan which will put them in front of Munro, the leader of Clan MacFie. The clan members take the bait and arrange a detour. Charles, meanwhile, is taken by his friend and the Red Knights who want to rid France of Catherine de Medici and her reign.

Catherine goes to the privy council and other members of the nobility to ask for their help in finding and rescuing Charles. Martel de Guise, a newcomer to court, remarks that she cannot count on the others to help and her trust should be placed in him alone. 

In Scotland, a member of Scottish court makes a visit to a wounded mercenary from France. He gives news of Mary's return to Scotland to the nobleman who promises to take news of Mary to her brother James. The man who spoke to the mercenary is John Knox. He tells James, the Scottish Regent, that Mary is dead and proposes they dissolve the monarchy and rule it as a Protestant nation.

In England, Queen Elizabeth consoles Lola who believes Mary dead and that it is her fault. Lola declines Elizabeth's offer to convert to Protestantism and Elizabeth offers to provide Lola a private priest. Then Elizabeth makes another request: she wants Lola to help her take over the Scottish throne. She vows to be tolerant and just to Catholics in Scotland and Lola agrees to support Elizabeth in her quest.

Leith stands before Catherine, along with Claude, and instead of killing him on the spot, she lets him live and sort of commends him for his loyalty. Catherine warns Claude to stay away from Martel de Guise, so the first thing Claude does is go straight to him. He offers his protection and says that in addition to helping find Charles, he also seeks answers about his father's death.

Duncan takes Mary and Bash to their village so they can meet with Munro. When Munro has Mary escorted out to be bathed and dressed, he has Bash's sword taken and reveals he's sent a rider ahead of them to meet the wool merchant they're supposed to meet in Falkirk. 

Lola prays in her chambers when she's visited by a priest, except the priest is Narcisse. Together they come up with a plan to leak news of Mary's survival to Elizabeth in hopes she'll pull her troops back from the Scottish border. 

Mary and Bash argue over the best way to get to Munro before news of their treachery reaches him. She makes a plan to kill him that very night, a plan which Bash finds unwise.

Charles learns that Thierry and his family plan to end the monarchy. When Thierry mentions exile, Charles knows that won't be possible. The only want to end the monarchy is for his entire family to die. Claude and Catherine discuss Claude's history with Martel de Guise and the death of his father when they're given an urgent letter with news of Charles. 

John Knox visits James and once again insists that Mary is dead and warns him that Elizabeth is readying her army. He also reveals that he has informed the other Scottish nobles of Mary's death and they are also on board with dissolving the throne.

Mary gets herself invited to Munro's chambers without his guards present and Bash warns her not to go. Lola and Elizabeth play a game of chess when an advisor enters and tells her that Mary is alive. Elizabeth won't pull her army out of Scottish border lands and promises to do what is best for Scotland.

Lola turns to Narcisse and he begs her to leave with him. She agrees and tells him they have a window of opportunity in three days' time. 

Mary and Munro meet in his chamber and he lets her choose a piece of jewelry his men scavenged from the beach. She spies her sword in his room and asks about it. When she does, he reveals that he knows who she is. Bash pretends to be drunk in order to overcome one of Munro's men and set the village on fire, creating a diversion for their escape. 

In the cabin, Mary kills Munro.

Thierry overhears his father and another of the Red Knights arguing over whether or not they should kill Charles and when he watches his father's murder, Thierry decides to help Charles escape. In the clearing, Catherine refuses to move forward when the Red Knights demand it. A horn sounds and her soldiers, dressed as Knights, begin a fight. Charles is nowhere to be found.

Narcisse paces outside the castle waiting for Lola to meet him when she gets a letter from Edinburgh asking that she kill Queen Elizabeth. It's written in Mary's code and contains Vatican gold so she believes it is a genuine request.

As James and his nobles vote to dissolve the monarchy, Mary arrives at the castle and claims her throne.

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Reign Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I know I've made mistakes. I lied to you. I chose power time and again and I gained everything I wanted. I'm Lord Chancellor of France. But it's all meaningless without you. Come home to me, Lola.


Catherine: Oh, dear lord. You have a history.
Claude: History is a strong word. It was more of a...dalliance.