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On Reign Season 2 Episode 2, Drawn and Quartered, Mary has to deal with the return of Francis, Lola and his baby, as well as the arrival of Lord Narcisse, who has a bone to pick with the young Queen about the way she treated his son. Mary thinks she is as free as Carrie did on Homeland. Everyone in the catacombs were dead, so there was no reason to worry about what she did getting out. But what if that wasn't the case? Someone has to pay, and since Narcisse cannot get to the Queen he chooses her men, Nostradamus included. Will Catherine come through for her old friend? The answer may surprise you. Francis and Mary argue bitterly many times over. Is there trouble on the horizon? What if they cannot find happiness? They share bed quarters now. Catherine laughed at the prospect and wished them well. Oh how nice of her! Find out all about it when you watch Reign Season 2 Episode 2 Drawn and Quartered online via TV Fanatic. But wait! What about all of the souls who want justice? Is Bash onto something with his beliefs or is he being a worry wart? Find out when you watch Reign online.

Episode Details

On Reign, Mary suffers consequences for her actions as a result of what she did to Narcisse as punishment. His father, Lord Narcisse, comes to the castle demanding vengeance.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Francis: I don't know what role he'll have at court, but I want to be a part of my son's life. Of this child's life. But we will have others. Mary, my father's indiscretions were blatant, but out of respect for his wife he gave Bash no title or standing. It hurt him and it hurt me to see it.
Mary: The eyes of the world are watching to see if we will, if I can bear an heir, not just for France, for Scotland and England as well. I know this has nothing to do with the role you decide to have in your son's life.
Francis: Well perhaps it should.
Mary: Those who are close to us, even here at court, will know the truth. Mother has guessed it already. Spend time with your son, absolutely...
Francis: But don't claim him. Officially you mean.
Mary: Yes.

It's 12 corpses, all adults. No shovels, no hooks! Keep your gloves on and wrap them with care.