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On Reign Season 2 Episode 15, Mary's mother is in town for the Duke's funeral. She reminds Mary of her duty to her country and pushes her to have a child. Mary attempts to have sex with Francis, but she's not really all that interested. At all. Kenna is courted by King Antoine and Bash is not impressed. Can the two come to an understanding? Suddenly Conde is the most wanted man in all of Europe. Francis? Not so much. Catherine promises Francis she will support him no matter the decisions he makes and Mary learns from her mother that things are not at all as she suspected. What is next? Find out when you watch Reign online.

Episode Details

On Reign Season 2 Episode 15 when Mary de Guise returns to tell Mary her throne is in jeopardy, Mary makes a shocking proposition to Conde and a bold move to reclaim her throne.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Francis: I cannot believe that you would base your choice solely on international policy. Once you spoke to me about the need for love. What would this encounter be? Are you saying that you are hoping to us beginning again?
Mary: I'm speaking of our duty. To our nations, to each other. I'm asking you to help me protect myself, my rule.
Francis: I need to think about it and I think you do as well.

You are on the cusp of losing your country. Either you or Elizabeth will rule Scotland and England. Make an heir and it will be you.

Marie de Guise