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Season six of Rescue Me picks up with Tommy being transported to the hospital after being shot and flat lining in the ambulance.  While technically dead, Tommy has visions of a high school gym filled with the other firefighters who have died before him in body bags.  The all rise from their bags to walk toward the light and greet Tommy in the process.  The only problem is that Tommy doesn’t go and flashes to a burning building.  He sees the faces of people he was unable to save while working, but returns back to reality before anything further happens.  

Roughly a month later, Tommy is ready to return from the hospital, but conspicuously early by a week.  He does not get the warm greeting he expects as many of those who love him are torn by his survival.  Father Mickey correctly suspects that Tommy has stolen narcotics from the hospital and dresses him down for not changing the pattern of substance abuse that got him shot in the first place.  

Back at home, Janet isn’t much happier to see him either, repeatedly punching him in the shoulder where he was shot.  However, she recognizes the value he brings to helping her raise the children and begrudgingly accepts him back.  His daughters are awkwardly split about having their father back, but even more shocking to see is their acceptance of alcohol in their lives.

Things are not much better for the station which is in danger of being shut down because of budget cuts in the city.  Chief Reilly informs the crew that the incident with Tommy isn’t helping their case of keeping the station open despite their impressive service record.  When Tommy returns to the house, he learns of their problem and offers to fall on the ax.  They won’t let him sacrifice himself for the sake of the house, but struggle to come up with another plan for how to keep the house alive. 

Rescue Me
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Rescue Me Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

They wanted me in that bulls*** physical therapy.


I can smell trouble coming at a great distance.

Chief Reilly