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On this week's episode of Rescue Me...

Tommy finds himself suspended for 30 days because of his television rant. Luckily, they find out that Mike had oral sex with someone named "Doug" down at HQ. They hope that by finding him, they can use blackmail to get Tommy released from suspension.

The rest of the crew becomes worried about the TV people sniffing around their personal lives. They attempt to find dirt on Pam Keppler and Tommy goes to his rival hockey police "friend," Todd, for help. He learns that she not only had a DUI and was doing cocaine, but she also had oral sex with the arresting officer to keep it off the record.

Tommy retakes control of the female inhabited apartment. He tells Sheila to stop sending Damien to therapy and accept that he won't get better. He tells Janet that Sheila is paying for the wedding.

Sheila shows Pam video of her sex act and let's Doug know that she knows about him and Mike. The TV crew back off and Tommy is reinstated.

Sean confronts Emily about her smell and she explains.

Rescue Me
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Rescue Me Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Needles: Tommy, I need you to go home. Don't do anything stupid for about a month.
Sean: That's not gonna happen. Did I say that out loud?

Lou: I married a hooker.
Needles: He married a hooker. I married a Russian mail order bride.
Sean: Uh, I married Maggie.
Needles: Which I'm banking on makes the hooker and the mail order bride seem sensible.
Black Shawn: I'm marrying Colleen.
Needles: Which is gonna make marrying Maggie look like a day at the beach. No offense, Tommy.
Tommy: None taken.
Franco: Yeah, well, I guess I could be considered a deadbeat dad.
Needles: And a conspiracy freak.
Mike: My gayness.
Lou: The whole nun thing.
Franco: Lesbo girlfriend.
Mike: Extreme gayness.
Needles: You know what's sad. Him being gay is the least of our public relations problems.