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On this week's episode of Rescue Me...

Black Shawn and Colleen get married. Teddy and Tommy walk Colleen down the aisle.

Sheila gets drunk and requests that Tommy and Janet renew their vows. Colleen and Katie agree. They do so, except Janet requires that Tommy retire.

Mickey and Sheila get back together.

Sean asks Emily to marry him.

The crew takes a call at an abandoned warehouse. They discover that arson is the cause of the fire. On their way out, they hear some kids trapped. The crew rescues them and they are forced to go towards the most dangerous part of the building.

Unfortunately, they are unable to find a useable exit. Lou stands by the door because it won't shut and the rest try and break down the walled up exit. The building explodes.

Rescue Me
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Rescue Me Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Franco: What the hell is up with that jacket dude? Looks like you just joined a boy band, Kato.
Needles: Proves my theory that you know absolutely no nothing about style. This is the latest thing, my friend. It's hip. It's trendy.
Lou: Does it come with a gay Asian lover or do you have to provide that yourself?

Why can't a Mexican become a firefighter? Because they can't tell the difference between Jose and Hose B.