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Harry is espousing the idiocy of humanity when a man taking a selfie falls over a cliff and lands midair. Help!

Sometimes, you have to find the haystack before you can find the needle in it, and Harry found his haystack.

Of course, the first patient of his first day is Max. Harry threatened to cut his head off, and Max ran out of the window.

Ben and Kate try coaxing Max out from under a nearby bench, while assuring passersby that Max is entirely normal; there's nothing to see here.

Ben and Sheriff Mike argue the laws of physics in reference to their shared office space before Max announces he has the key suspect in Doctor Sam's murder -- Harry because he's an alien.

Sheriff goes off on Max, but Liv treats him a little differently. Maybe Max is special and can see him differently than everyone else.

Harry thinks he can graduate from med school in five minutes with the internet. But when he wants to take a look at that nasty old thing (thinking it's a wart), he opens a woman's legs to something entirely different. It's his first pelvic exam, and it doesn't go well.

The day doesn't get any better than that.

Asta's dad gets no feeling from Harry at all. Harry thinks the day cannot get any worse, but then he spots the alien drawing Liv made for Max posted all over town like wanted posters.

As he ponders the nuisance that is Max, Harry recalls how difficult it was to learn to get this body to work. He can't just get another one.

Harry calls Max as his friend named Elvis. He's calling to tell Max that he saw the alien on the bus leaving town so he doesn't have to worry anymore. Max doesn't believe him, so he morphs into a postal worker who had a tricycle accident. Max knows it's Harry. They fling insults at each other like "stupid" arguing over the cost of a postage stamp. Is it $100 or 30?

The next day, Harry meets his first baby, who he pokes in the stomach with a crutch, discovering its laugh button.

Asta wants Jay to apologize, and it's something else that doesn't go well. When Asta asks about Harry's life, he announces he is hungry and walks away. But he's not hungry. He's homesick.

D'arcy and Harry talk at the bar, and she sends a dude looking for a napkin away so she can focus on him. He says he was hungry, but now that he's here, he's suddenly not.

They do the most awkward flirting everywhere, and I am so here for it.

Harry imagines scenarios in which he can kill Max while making it look like an accident. Ben thinks it's great that Harry takes notes while counseling him. Harry is doodling killing Max.

Ben describes his stress, his empty feeling in the pit of his stomach, and that piques Harry's interest. Then Sam's wife barges in and everything falls apart.

Aliens don't have emotions, but the physical being Harry is inhabiting gives him a first-hand view.

Harry likes milk fresh from the cow.

Hary meets D'arcy at the bowling alley. She gets him. His odd comments are matched note for note.

Pelvic Exam Judy and D'arcy drive insults at each other, confusing Harry.

Sheriff Mike is a bowler, a BB on his jersey for Big Black. He sachets up to the lane and throws a strike. D'arcy follows suit. The good doctor, on the other hand, not so much. Despite his bravado and comparing it to landing a spacecraft on an asteroid, he tosses it backward. D'arcy gets a kick out of it.

Harry is trying to eat a hot dog. He can't figure it out. D'arcy tells ambien stories. Harry wonders how long until the snow melts. A week seems too soon to him. D'arcy was up for the Olympics for skiing, but a compound fracture ended her career. Her story gives Harry another idea to kill Max, and he leaves.

Hot dogs parallel as dicks for Judy and D'arcy's next round of insults before bowling.

Harry plans on disabling Max's breaks, and he feels good since he's the smartest person on earth.

Harry's next patient is an older fellow. Harry assures the man that he can eat what he wants since he's going to die before that.

Max comes in needing stitches, which makes Harry angry. He only needs stitches??? Ben doesn't appear to like blood, and he stays outside of the room.

Harry tells Max he doesn't bite, but then he admits he does, snarling at him. Max figures out that it was Harry who did it. Harry tosses the novocaine and gives Max stitches without it to go toe-to-toe with Harry.

Asta's dad is a card. She has these antagonistic relationships with everyone. He's kind of jealous that she's so upset about Sam's death.

They release Sam's spirit from the world together. He wonders if she burned her scrubs from the other night. Not yet. But she knows she has to so he's released from this world.

Asta remembers working side by side with Sam and how well he knew her. The last time she saw him, she passed on a game of gin rummy. As she's remembering that, Harry comes by. Dan isn't her real father. She was raised by him, and she only ever talked about it with Sam.

She feels so guilty not being there for Sam and wishes he hadn't died alone. Harry offers to play a card game. He'll put his stuff in his office, he says, but Asta says this is his office now.

In the mine that killed 59, Harry finds a mineral he needs.

He's understanding how humans are all connected by their feelings. He admits that he is more connected now. But when he found the telerium, the ache went away. He realizes he's lonely for his planet, his people. But once he detonates his device and fries every human on earth, he can fly home.

Now he just needs to find his device without being discovered. A couple of snowmobilers come upon the skeletal remains from the cliff diver. Two birds have joined him. We can see the device underneath their floating bodies.

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Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Yeah, he's sick aight. [to Max] Let me ask you somethin'? You got HBO in your house? Here's what I want you to do. I want you to watch OZ Season 1, then come back and tell me if you want to go to prison. Talkin' 'bout some alien shit. I'm gonna go get me some mo' boxes.

Sheriff Mike

All beings in the universe are different. My people, for instance, are brilliant. Humans, on the other hand, are so dumb that they think the leading cause of death is heart disease. It's not. It's almond milk. Even the grey aliens won't touch the stuff. Despite their differences, there is one truth that connects all beings -- life doesn't ever go as planned.

Harry [internal]