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Five years ago, New York City

Harry is at a cocktail party when one of the waitresses gives him the eye. He launches himself across the room to ask her thoughts on the art.

She's also the artist, Isabelle. She's undercover, wondering who he'll be.

They fall in love like a Woody Allen movie with classic tunes and cityscapes in the background while they dance and kiss for the first time.

In the present, Harry is thinking to himself how much he hates the master bullshitter, Max. He's dropped him off in his own closet.

Sheriff Michael and Deputy Liz have made their way to the Mayor's house, and now Mike is pissed that Liv scraped the ice off his windshield for this? Max tells them what he found in Harry's basement. But Sahar doesn't back up his story.

Isabelle is in a man's shirt, infuriating Harry. He pats himself on the back for not killing the kids because Isabelle would have known he did it.

Isabelle is there for him to sign the divorce papers, and when he does, she's very cross again, confusing him greatly.

When she takes the bed, he sleeps on the couch, and she later joins him. He thinks it's kind of cozy. She's like a giant ham. Maybe he can sleep after all. Until she begins snoring.

Morning doesn't make it any better. Ultimately, Harry wishes humans did family like his people. They don't care if they live or die.

Mike is at breakfast with his father, giving him his meds. Dad cannot believe these people trust him with a gun. Sam picked the wrong town to get murdered in with him in charge.

D'Arcy finds Harry in his truck. Is he living there? She has coffee, and he thinks it's for him. But it's not, and his face is all scrunched up trying to get it. She doesn't want to date him anymore. He says she doesn't like the best and smartest man in town, and she says yes, which digs her a deeper hole. He eventually steals her coffee and leaves.

At the cabin, Isabelle finds women's clothing. Harry is a lying, cheating bastard.

Sam's wife arrives at the office with Sam's private medical files. She thought he'd want them. She hopes that he's not going to find that Sam committed suicide because if he did, then his insurance policy is null.

Jay's mother has invited Asta to dinner. Asta is super awkward in response. She thinks she made a big mistake because now Jay doesn't know why she's there. And she gave her up for love, which flips Harry's lid.

When Isabelle shows up, Asta says Harry said she was dead. Does she look dead to Harry? She throws everything at him.

Isabelle goes to the bar, hoping to get a glass of dry white. Whisky instead, D'Arcy suggests. Then they talk about divorce. Isabelle cannot believe how much Harry has changed. D'Arcy agrees. The guy she's dating is so abrupt. It's kind of hot. Then they joke maybe they're dating the same man. Maybe there are two of them!

Ben and Kate take Max to apologize to Harry who makes a Shakespearean display about not accepting Max's apology. He's feeling attacked. He is snowflaking.

Needless to say, it goes poorly. Harry says Max has a severe case of terraphobia. And maybe face blindness. Maybe anxiety.

Harry suggests they send Max to a special school in Georgia.

Liv is playing with a Yoyo while Sheriff Mike tries to understand their evidence. He steals the yoyo from her and then says she broke it. Sheriff is very jealous of Colorado Springs with its 500 violent crimes a year.

Isabelle and D'Arcy continue to bond.

Asta tries firing Jay at the very moment Jay realizes Asta is her mom.

Harry tries to comfort Asta, and it gets deep. Jimmy wanders up to talk with Asta, and Harry offers his hand. When Jimmy asks if Harry if fucking with him, Harry says no and internally calls him a chicken ass bitch.

Jimmy can't believe that the girl with the attitude that answers the phone is their daughter.

Harry hilariously plays bodyguard for Asta while Jimmy flips out wondering how the hell Asta has known all this time that Jay is theirs and still hired them.

Her dad thinks it's good that Jay knows. That annoys Asta. She doesn't remember the night her mother left and he tucked her in to say she'd never have to do this life alone. Asta may have left her, but he can guarantee Jay has a family that loves her like their own.

When Harry gets home, Isabelle is in a dress, dancing to French music while setting the table. She's trying to make it up to him. She got steaks out of the freezer, and when Harry sees it, he squeals like his balls are being squeezed.

When he goes downstairs to get the frozen peas she wants, they're right on top of Harry's face.

Men showed up at the apartment and said they needed to talk to Harry. She hugs him, and he tries to eat steak behind her back. D'Arcy arrives at the cabin. Uh oh. Harry and Isabelle are dancing when D'Arcy looks into the window. Shit. That was a waste of deodorant.

Isabelle begins singing, and Harry is drawn to it. He cannot get over what's coming out of her mouth and wants to kiss it. Harry got game!

Max hears his parents talking about the school in Georgia. Kate wants to send him while Ben doesn't. She doesn't think Max is a normal little boy. It requires a walkie talkie chat with Sahar. She never said she didn't believe him. She said she didn't remember.

Harry is enjoying the foreplay and can't get Isabelle's bra off. He doesn't know what they're doing, he says, and as they're reconnecting, he sounds like the chicken has been choked.

She knew he still loved her, she says when she sees her painting on the wall. They're going to be together forever.

Max and Sahar confront Harry at the diner. Sahar's taunts make Max's look like nothing. They get him to spit on Max, which Harry agrees isn't normal human behavior. They hold their breath until he promises to stop messing with Max. He has to tell Max's parents that he's not crazy and they'll stop taunting him. They shake on it. Truce.

Truce in place, and the three of them bond. Max can see Harry because of the interdimensional space-time thing. Some people are more in tune to it and can see across dimensions. Harry realizes he never hated Max, he hated how he felt around Max since he was exposed with Max.

Jay asks her Grandfather for pie.

Deputy Liv tells Sheriff Mike that Sam was poisoned. Holy Shitsticks, they got themselves a murder!

I just realized I've been using that work and other sticks since I first watched this. OMG.

Harry considers killing Isabelle to get some sleep, but she rolls over and stops snoring. She can live another day.

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Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Isabelle: Since when have you got a job in Patience?
Harry: The town doctor was murdered, and now I am the town doctor because I am alive.

Isabelle: I'm very cross with you.
Harry: You sound like James Bond. [gritting his teeth to sound English] I'm very cross with you.