Harry Learns about Jealousy - Resident Alien
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A little girl and her father are watching Lost in Space when all of their myriad clocks on the wall stop. There is a storm out, and the lights go out next. They live in a lighthouse. Light's out!! They gotta bolt.

While trying to fix it, the rain "stopped" and it looks like there is a spaceship up above them. The little girl grabs her polaroid and takes a photo, which flies inside of the lighthouse. Credits roll.

Harry has had oral sex with Isabelle. Barry Manilow is singing I just can't smile without you as they skip rocks, arm wrestle, and make cake together until Harry gets her wasted.

Harry is still interested in killing everyone and getting off this rock. He only needs one more piece to complete his anti-gravitational device.

The goons hunting Harry are military. They're investigating the spaceship activity. Sarah Conner is pressuring the presenter. He's in desperate need of medical leave. She sends him on a special mission because she won't let the information go up the command. She doesn't want him to tell his girlfriend. And some girl named Lisa Casper is introduced as his wife, and they're going to find the ship and whatever was flying it.

Harry pulls the coffee pot out while the coffee is still pouring, unable to fix it himself. Sexy beast, indeed. He thinks Jay should clean the mess instead of Asta, but she's not coming back for a while after what she learned.

Mike and Liv bumble in with Mike bitching about the size of their break room in relation to theirs that supports the whole damn town. They're delivering the news of Sam's botulinum poisoning. Harry's response is hilarious.

The new doctor has arrived, and he's gorgeous. Harry is offended. Dr. Ethan Stone immediately calls Mike Big Black as requested. Dr. Ethan says botulism is nasty stuff. Harry thinks he's a douchebag with stupid hair. He comes to the same conclusion that Harry did about the tracheotomy.

Harry thinks Mike should look into the missing prescription pad, and everyone thinks Harry is smart. And when he mentions Law & Order, Dr. Ethan doesn't think anyone watches it anymore, so Harry goes from not hating him anymore to calling him a sonofabitch in his head.

Ben gets Harry a going-away candle, which he puts into his bag and tosses into the trash. He also tells Ben that his son is fine. He's not sick, so he doesn't need to go to Georgia. Ben looks hurt when he realizes that Max was misdiagnosed. But then Harry pulls back Max's pass by saying he's very sick so that Harry can look like the best doctor again.

Harry's dick keeps sliding to the right. As he grabs at his crotch, he says it's a bad design.

Asta follows Harry outside, admitting he's still weird, but she's better having known him. She's weird, too. They hug as Isabelle wanders up.

Liv and Mike need to question the guy who was passing out pills at the party. Mike disregards Liv again.

Judy and D'Arcy are chitchatting when Harry and Isabelle come in for a bite. He knows everyone in town by their ailments. Almost cancer guy, pees himself, one nut.

Mike's good cop/bad cop routine is pretty funny. He kindly gives him water and then slaps it out of his hand. While he was doing all of that, Liv talked to some students and got the whole scoop on the "Pharmacist." Mike takes the credit, thinking ahead as always, six steps ahead.

Isabelle wants to take Harry back to New York. He's not interested in going.

Harry is jealous of the conversation surrounding Dr. Ethan. D'Arcy is flirting with Dr. Ethan, and Harry is super jealous. Even Isabelle is smitten with Dr. Ethan. Oh no, Harry thinks, he is more beautiful than me.

Harry challenges Ethan to an arm-wrestling match, and he dislocates Ethan's shoulder. The next morning, Harry makes Isabelle breakfast and coffee she loves. He's poisoning her, but he's got quite the plan for his sexcapades. Very detailed.

D'Arcy wakes up at Ethan's house. he's made her breakfast. He doesn't want to play it cool. He thinks she's kind of awesome. She thinks that's so sincere. She takes a plate and walks out of the house, confusing the hell out of him.

Mike is looking for push pins and finds Liv has already made her own murder board. She thinks the delivery method of the poison was through his insulin. Mike finally gives his thanks to Liv, telling her she did a good job.

D'Arcy is flying over the mountain where Harry is snowshoeing. He found the final piece to his ship, and just seconds later the copter lands. Harry isn't allowed on the glacier. There are crevasses all over the place.

Meanwhile, David and his fake wife are looking for the ship. She gets angry and tosses her iPad, and it strikes against the invisible thing. David gets a fire extinguisher, painting the orb while Linda calls the general claiming her success.

Jimmy has a woman named Becky on his lap during bowling night. Asta, Kate, D'Arcy, and Liv are on a team together.

Liv asks Asta why she left Jay's name off of the witness list. Liv still wants to question her. She hates to tell Asta that whoever stole the pads is someone she cares about. Then Asta looks over at Jimmy.

Harry poisons Isabelle again. She exclaims how much he's changed. She doesn't even recognize him.

David delivers the device and even understands the ship's cloaking ability. The general was the little girl on the lighthouse who has made it her life's mission to find it.

They secure the crash site and just as expected, Harry arrives. But they are watching. They move in, and Harry doesn't even try to escape.


Resident Alien
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Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

They have a term on earth for men who work on engines. Sexy beast. That's me. If these humans ever saw me flying my spaceship, I'd have women beating me off with a stick.


Harry: What a crazy dream. This female human creature was suffocating me with her sexual organs. It was so realistic, I can still feel her hot, hammy breath on my face.
Isabelle: I've always loved watching you sleep.